Day in the Life of the Hudson River Data Activities for Students

Data Shorts: Telling Hudson River Stories With Graphs - At the request of high school teachers, Estuary Program educators have begun production of short PowerPoint presentations featuring remotely sensed Hudson River data available on the internet. Organized around the theme 'Telling Hudson River stories with graphs', these shows promote development of skills in interpreting graphs and formulating and testing hypotheses to explain phenomena, as well as exploring physical and biological attributes of the Hudson estuary ecosystem.Each show is only ten slides long, facilitating its use in often crowded syllabi. Notes accompanying each slide provide explanations and additional information about phenomena illustrated. Each set of slides has also been posted as a ~30 second movie to enable teachers to get a quick preview of what skills and topics are covered in the 'Data Short' prior to downloading, however teacher notes will not show in the movie version.

Two PowerPoints are available now, one covering the basics of the Hudson's tides, the second examining the various ways in which storms impact water levels in the estuary. Additional PowerPoints are planned to be added through time.


movieclip download ppt

Storms & Waterlevel

movie clip

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3D DATA -water quality date examined by depth - Data from the lower Hudson River and Long Island Sound are displayed as “section map” color visualizations. Data includes salinity, oxygen, temperature, turbidity, chlorophyll, and depth and were collected by dropping a CTD (Conductivity, Temperature and Density) instrument down the water column. Available in word or pdf format below.

3D DATA - considering depth in the river Word pdf