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Outreach Events

Taking our science activities out of the classroom and connecting to the general public is an important piece in our science education mission, and is key in building future capacity in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) careers. Here you will find some examples of connecting the community with science topics and activites in an exploratory, active and engaging way that is fun for a wide range of ages. Presenting teacher workshops & conference sessions are also key to developing a STEM community.

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We participate in outreach events all of the county - these are a few of our venues and some of our activites that we encourage you to use in your own events. For full education versions of these activities click back to our education page.
  • World Science Festivals, New York City
  • Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory Open Houses
  • STEM Science for Girls at Rockland Community College
  • Earth2Class Teacher Workshops
  • NESTA Workshops & Share-a-thons
  • NSTA Workshops
  • AGU Teacher GIFT workshops
  • The Intrepid Earth, Sea & Sky Museum G.O.A.L.S.Camp and Science & Engineering Days
  • American Museum of Natural History Sun & Earth Events
  • Smithsonian Arctic Days
  • National Academy of Science Arctic Matters Events

Race the Glacier - Poster - Activity

Glaciers are melting at different speeds as the planet warms, and visitors to the Polar Geophysics Group activity got to see the process first hand. Armed with stop watches and piles of goo, they timed the slide of their goo-glacier against the real-world advance of Greenland's Jakobshavn Glacier and Antarctica's Pine Island Glacier which are sliding into the sea at the rate of 113 feet and 31 feet a day respectively. The challenge was to be slower in this race, holding the glacier back on land and out of the world's ocean.




Has Our Climate always been like this? - Poster - Activity

'Travel in a Time Machine' to see how climate has changed since the last warm period in Earth's history.

activitywheel timemachine time machine work

Peering Under the Ice - Poster - Activity

How can radar peer through ice? Sending radar-like "pulses" into a covered box participatns could calculate what was inside by measuring the distance the pulse traveled as it moved through the box. After graphing the results, they peered under the lid to discover the hidden treasure below.

flyoverice peeringunderice flyingoverice

The Intrepid - Girls in Science & Engineering


plane Tim

Earth's Inner Secrets - Magnetometer - Super Cooling

magnetometer Robin students


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