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Lamont Weekly Report – February 16, 2007

P.O. Box 1000, 61 Route 9W Palisades, New York 10964


- Letter from the Director



We were pleased to welcome Marsha Wagner and Bathabile Mthombeni-
Njenja from the CU Ombuds Office to the Campus on Tuesday - we are
looking at ways to improve access to the services of the Ombuds
office for folks on the Campus, and will be distributing literature.

We talked about the possibility of establishing a satellite office
out here. It is important that we make it easier for folks to get
advice about how to get help with solving work-related concerns and

The bad weather turned Wednesday into a chaotic day - one of the few
days each year when one becomes interested in the depth of tread on
one's tires! Thank you to all riders of the shuttle bus for your
patience as we handled the need to shut down the service in the
afternoon in response to the drivers' safety concerns. I believe
everyone managed to get home, and no-one got stuck on the campus
overnight! A significant water main break on the Palisades Parkway
kept me sitting in traffic for almost an hour on my way home at the
end of the day - but in the end that was fortunate, because it gave
me time to remember that it was Valentines Day and thus avoid untold
abuse and derision had I forgotten.

We welcomed the Leadership Rockland Group to the campus on
Thursday, hosted by Doug Brusa. And thanks to Steve Chillrud, Greg
O'Mullan, Klaus Jacob for their participation in the day-long
discussions about wide ranging local issues concerned with the
environment and transportation.

The ADVANCE program external advisory board met all day on Thursday
downtown, and I spent a large portion of the day sitting in on this -
learning a lot in the process and appreciating even more how much
more work we need to do to bring meaningful gender balance to Lamont.

And now for the nationwide Recycling competition Week 2 results
(thanks to Mary Reagan and the Campus Life Committee):

Check out to see how Lamont
is doing as of week 2. Our numbers went down a bit in the second
week, so we need to be careful in the coming weeks to make sure that
we don't put anything in the trash that can be recycled. Here are our
stats for the week:

Weight of trash 3060 lbs
Paper recycling 1200 lbs
Cardboard recycling 60 lbs

These numbers translate into the following rates:

Grand Champion recycling rate 29.17% (down from 32.73% last week)
Per Capita Classic 2.99 lbs/person (down from 4.27 lbs/person last week)
Waste Minimization 10.24 lbs/person (this is an improvement from
13.03 lbs/person last week)

Due to some corrections in the Connecticut College results for paper
in the first week, we are now in the number one position for paper
recycling (!!), despite the fact that our second week totals aren't
as high as the first! We did drop to 20th place in the Grand
Champion race and we are at 22nd place in the Per Capita Classic

Another trip to DC is on the schedule for next week - I have to go to
NSF with Paul, Al and June from the Marine Office to 'discuss budget
issues'. It will not be fun.

- Mike


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