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Lamont Weekly Report – February 9, 2007

P.O. Box 1000, 61 Route 9W Palisades, New York 10964


- Letter from the Director



A short report this week ... a very successful Advisory Board Meeting
yesterday. Under Quentin Kennedy's leadership this group has become
an extremely engaged and productive group. We are making real
progress in the fund-raising world. (We held the meeting downtown in
Lerner Hall - the SIPA lot was full so I parked in the commercial lot
on 114th between Amsterdam and Broadway. Even though this is a lot
that is on the CU web site, I recommend that you never use it - never
ever - at the end of the day, it took me one hour to get my car
returned to me and I was standing next to two members of our Board
who had each given us six figure gifts who had to wait also.)

We had an excellent meeting on Wednesday with the new VP for Human
Resources at CU - Cindy Durning - she is going to be a superb force
for change with in the University and bring some of our personnel
practices into the 21st century. It will take a while - but I am
extremely optimistic about the future.

Congratulations are due to Louisa Bradtmiller. She has received an
Outstanding Student Paper Award for her presentation at the 2006 AGU
Fall Meeting in San francisco: Equatorial Atlantic opal and 231Pa/
230Th records over the last 30 kyrs. Congratulations Louisa - a great

Have a good weekend,

- Mike


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