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Lamont Weekly Report – February 2, 2007

P.O. Box 1000, 61 Route 9W Palisades, New York 10964


- Letter from the Director



Congratulations are due Bob Chen - effective February 1st he has been
appointed the new permanent Director of CIESIN. Excellent news and I
look forward to working with him closely in the coming years to
manage this Campus.

Important news from DC this week - on Wednesday the House finalized
the FY 2007 budget (10/01/06-9/30/07). Details below are thanks to
Ellen Smith - who always seems to know what Congress will do before
they do themselves.

According to the AAU, the AAAS and information from the
Congressional Research Service, the FY 2007 Joint Funding Resolution
(JR) passed in the House by an overwhelming majority of 286 to 140.
These amounts are agreed upon by both the House and the Senate and
should be finalized in the Senate shortly. The JR funds programs from
10/01/06-9/30/07 and is thus three months late. President Bush will
submit his budget on Monday. The Senate's rules allow amendment but
most 'pundits' believe passage will occur. It is also likely the
President will sign the bill (although not certain).

News from the primary agencies of interest to us is as follows:

-The NSF increases by $335 million in the research accounts with an
emphasis on funding innovation to a total of $4.7 billion. This is
the full requested increase of 7.7 %.

-NOAA - continued at the FY06 level of $3.963 with a few minor
adjustments and rescissions. This compares to the President's request
of $3.684B.

-The NIH receives an increase of $619.5 billion for a total of
$28.9 billion, thus, according to members reversing a projected decline.

-The Department of Energy Office of Science increases by $200
million to $3.8 billion to support research including new energy
technologies. This is a 6% increase.

-The Department of Energy, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
Resources is $1.5 billion, an increase of $300 million or 16% to
accelerate research and development activities for renewable energy
and energy efficiency programs.

-NASA's overall budget falls but NASA R&D rises 3.6% to $11.7 billion.

The devil, as we always know will be in the details - the
individual agencies continue to have substantial discretion in how
these increases will impact the specific programs that are important
to us. But this is a good start - much better than the worst fears
of recent months.

And now for something frivolous -

Last Saturday I was walking in one of Rockland County's state parks -
in dense woods, on a narrow foot path, heavily overgrown - at least
30 mins walk (~1 mile) from nearest vehicular access. Buried in
brambles by the side of the trail was the rusted hulk of the front
end of an old Volkswagen Beetle - unmistakable head lamp sockets -
all heavily rusted and shabby. Can only have dropped from a plane.
But there was one thing. A pristine LDGO parking sticker on the
front bumper - the year was 1976 - the number was 395. Ray's records
do not go back that far pity.

Have a great weekend - the days are getting longer -

- Mike


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