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Lamont Weekly Report – March 9, 2007

P.O. Box 1000, 61 Route 9W Palisades, New York 10964


- Letter from the Director



As crazy weeks go, this last one was a particular winner. I got back from Scripps on Monday night, and after one day in the office went down to DC early Wednesday morning and spent the day on Capitol Hill attending Ocean events organized by CORE. The heads of the Ocean Caucus - Congressmen Sam Farr and Tom Allen - were highly visible as were the recent Chairs of the two major Commissions on the Oceans - Leon Panetta and Jim Watkins. I spent Thursday with CU AVP for Government Affairs Ellen Smith making visits to congressional offices - some on our own, some with Scripps Director Tony Haymet and some with a large group of CORE representatives. And then at the end of the day I experienced what happens when an airline (US Air) changes its reservation and check-in software without adequate testing or staff training - Reagan National was a zoo and it took over two hours to check in for the shuttle…….so it was late when I got home Thursday night…….and Friday was a flurry of appointments, ranging from talking with a new prospective donor, trying to recruit an important new senior member to our staff, and introducing a superb lecture in the Science of Diversity series by Arizona University Assistant Professor Erin Leahey.

Now I should give you a headsup on a couple of things:

Probably the most under appreciated group of employees on our campus is the administrative staff - as the Federal regulations under which we operate get more and more restrictive, and as our budgets get tighter and tighter, we expect more and more support - and yet little is done to recognize the crucial and essential role that all our administrators play in enabling the science and research to go forward. As one small step towards correcting this we have decided to establish an annual campus-wide award to recognize outstanding service. Edie Miller will be distributing the details about eligibility, nomination procedures etc in the next few days. We hope to present the first award later this spring.

If you are a Research Officer you should have received a request from Chris Small to complete a questionnaire about the CU Housing system - please take a moment to fill it out - it is important!

And finally the update on exciting recycling competition is provided below!

Hope you had a great weekend - maybe spring has arrived.

- Mike

Report on the Recyclemania Competition

At the end of Week 5 of the Recyclemania Competition, Lamont is holding on to its First Place position in the Paper Recycling race with a substantial lead at 22.3 pounds per person recycled over 5 weeks reported so far. We have maintained a respectable 13th place in the Grand Champion contest with a 37.6% recycling rate. As a performance enhancing activity we have scheduled a "Clean and Go Green" week from March 19th through the 23rd. I hope that all of us can schedule a few hours in that week to get some old & no longer so important papers and periodicals off the desk and bookshelves, and out of the file cabinets and into the recycling carts that will be everywhere. Tom Eberhard and his staff from the Traffic Department will happily provide the carts and the manpower to move the mountains of paper I expect we can contribute to this worthwhile cause.


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