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Lamont Weekly Report – March 16, 2007

P.O. Box 1000, 61 Route 9W Palisades, New York 10964


- Letter from the Director



Our research vessel, Marcus G. Langseth is safely docked in
Galveston, Texas after her maiden voyage from the shipyard in Nova
Scotia. Our Marine Operations staff are in the process of migrating
south to begin an intensive ten week period of science outfitting
prior to the shake down cruise later this spring.

Speaking of spring, we had to make the difficult decision earlier
today to cancel my presentation to the Campus on the Work Environment
issue that was scheduled for this afternoon. Because of the snow
there were just too few folks around - a senior staff meeting this
morning had to be abandoned because of the lack of quorum. This is
too important a topic to talk about to anything other than a full
audience. Also we took the unusual step of shifting the Colloquium
earlier to 1pm in an effort to improve attendance for the highly
prominent speaker Alex Halliday from Oxford University.

I went down to the American Museum of Natural History last Saturday
to attend the International Polar Year exhibit and events (that LDEO
co-sponsored) - that mark the opening of the two year-long IPY - a
superb event thanks to Stephanie Pfirman and Margie Turrin and many
other Lamont volunteers. Robin Bell spoke at the official US opening
down at the NAS and received excellent coverage in a host of TV and
print media.

The quality of Lamont's Child Development Center is always a source
of pride, and it is the expertise of the Bright Horizons Company, who
manage and operate this facility for us, that plays a big role in
this. But in the end, it is really the teachers who make the
difference, and I am extremely pleased to report that Sonia Santiago
(or Miss Sonia as she is known to her preschool class at the LDEO
Child Development Center) has been identified by Bright Horizons as
one of their 12 most outstanding employees. This is 12 out of a total
of 16,000!! So many congratulations are due to Sonia who will be
recognized at the Company's annual conference in Orlando Florida
(where it never snows).

Have a good weekend

- Mike

A late addition to Fridays report, thanks to Pat O'Reilly and Mary
Reagan, to keep you posted on the recycling competition (but I still
have not found out what it is that we are going to win i.e. what
Prize will the Director get?)

At the end of week 6 we have crept up to 9th place in the Grand
Champion standings with a very respectable 40.1% recycling rate. We
are in 11th place in the Per Capita Classic standings with 32.19
cumulative pounds of recyclables per person. And for the sixth week
in a row we are still smoking the competition and maintaining our 1st
place standing in Paper Recycling with 26.6 pounds of paper recycled
per person.

For more details see

Our bottles and cans don't get sent to the recycling center every
week, so we haven't had any results in that line until now. We now
have a total for the first six weeks of the contest - 1280 lbs. That
works out to 213 lbs per week. We've gone in and revised the reports
for the previous weeks of the contest.

Don't forget March 19-23 is Clean & Go Green Week. Now's the time to
clear out those old papers. Facilities will be arranging for
additional pick-ups of recycling during the week. But if you've got
an extra large collectionjust give the traffic department a call at

And if you need more information on what you can recycle, check out
the links on the campus life web page -


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