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Lamont Weekly Report – March 23, 2007

P.O. Box 1000, 61 Route 9W Palisades, New York 10964


- Letter from the Director



Last Sunday, the first Spring Public Lecture, was a tremendously successful event. Suzanne Carbotte and John Diebold talked about the 50 year-long legacy of ship operations at Lamont as well as the science that our new vessel would enable. Most significant were the memories of Marcus Langseth, shared by his widow Lillian, and the unveiling of the bronze plaque, commemorating Mark that will be permanently fixed to a bulkhead on board. The ship is safely alongside in Galveston - with much activity ongoing on board, finishing the science outfitting.

We are working to produce a video about Lamont-Doherty to help us with fundraising activities. We are narrowing down our final list of potential producers. One of the elements about Lamont-Doherty's work that we want to include is the importance of field research. However, sending a film crew out to shoot at even a handful of our field sites is, to say the least, cost prohibitive. It would be helpful to learn what already exists in terms of photography, video and animation. If you have video or still photography that you've captured in the field, or if you have developed animation about aspects of your work for other talks or for use online, and if you would be willing to have it included in this 7-10 minute video about Lamont-Doherty, please contact Sarah Huard or Doug Brusa in the Development Office.

I have received the short list of post doc fellows from Gisela Winckler's selection committee and am fully engaged in trying to get as many offers out as funds will allow. As in previous years, the competition is intense (over 120 applicants) and the quality of the applicants is extremely high. If I had the money I would want to admit ten, but with luck, right now, we hope to get four. I will let everyone know as soon as it is finalized.

Have a great weekend,


PS - the latest report on our great recycling efforts is below:

As of Week 7 of RecycleMania, Lamont has really risen in the standings:

Grand Champion - highest cumulative recycling rate - Lamont is in 7th place!

Our current cumulative recycling rate is 43.37%. The leader is Cal State San Marcos at 56.92%, followed closely by Rutgers at 56.03%

Per Capita Classic - most pounds of recyclables - Lamont is in 8th place with 44.34 lbs/person. The top school is at 57.3 lbs.

Waste Minimization - least amount of waste (both recyclables and trash) - With 102.24 lbs of waste per person, we are in 57th place.

Paper recycling - we are far ahead of the pack with 37.7 lbs per person.

For more detail, check out

It's not too late to clean out those offices. Even if you missed Clean & Go Green week, RecycleMania runs through April 7th.


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