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Lamont Weekly Report – May 18, 2007

P.O. Box 1000, 61 Route 9W Palisades, New York 10964


- Letter from the Director



On Monday evening Maya Tolstoy led off this season's set of Cafe
Science talks organized by CU down at the Picnic Cafe on Broadway,
and educated a diverse audience about the intriguing links between
earthquakes and life on (and within) the deep ocean floor. Maya had
to work without visual aids or amplification, but nevertheless -
other than being rudely interrupted by a NYC Health Inspector who
summarily closed the Cafe - it went extremely well.

I was on Morningside Monday and Tuesday and suffered the mayhem that
comes with the School's commencement exercises, but successfully
avoided the gridlock of the primary ceremony on Wednesday.

Another very successful Lamont Advisory Board Meeting was held on
Tuesday. In addition to hearing a stellar talk by Rich Seager, the
Board decided upon the Production company that will make our long-
awaited short movie about Lamont to be used in the forthcoming
fundraising campaign for the endowment (to support research staff
salaries). And most significantly we received a $100,000 gift from
Board member Frank Gumper and his wife Joann, as an important step
towards matching the existing $750,000 endowment gift from the
Doherty Foundation to support our education program.

Most of two days this week was consumed with the important process of
reviewing all the merit raises for the Observatory's research staff -
a challenging exercise, most of the hard work being on the shoulders
of the Associate Directors.

And so the week ends, and suddenly summer feels far away,

Have a great weekend,

- Mike


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