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Lamont Weekly Report – June 1, 2007

P.O. Box 1000, 61 Route 9W Palisades, New York 10964


- Letter from the Director



I spent Wednesday in DC - meetings at OMB, OSTP and NOAA - along with
the leadership of Scripps, WHOI and UW - pushing the priority of
earth, ocean and climate research. Discussions were of variable tone
- but I came away with the overall impression that, although we may
expect some growth in resources in the coming years (driven by the
societal relevancy of our efforts) - we are going to see tougher and
closer oversight from the agencies, especially of large projects and
facility operations. Accountability is the watch-word - we are going
to see more and more of it. The new Examiner for NSF at OMB, a
position of staggering power and influence, is an astronomer - I will
not make further comment upon this given the wide distribution that
this weekly letter apparently receives.

Thursday was spent at meetings of some historical significance. We
voted out of existence two entities that have played important roles
in ocean research and education over the past decades - JOI and CORE.

They no longer exist as independent corporations, but live on, at
least for a short time, as the names of the two divisions of a new
non-profit Corporation that is called the Consortium for Ocean
Leadership. I have the misfortune to have been elected as one of the
founding Trustees of this new entity, and recruitment for a CEO will
begin during the summer. With a founding membership made up of
practically every significant ocean organization nation-wide, the
goal is to build an influential entity that can effectively represent
the interests of the ocean research and education communities in a
variety of fora - but certainly here in DC.

But now for more local concerns

We are putting a hot asphalt roof on the new Geochemistry
building. In the vicinity of the building you can get a whiff of the
petroleum smell as the wind changes. This will be with us off and on
(more off than on) for all of the month of June. Please contact Pat
O'Reilly if you have any questions or concerns.

On a loosely related subject, the New York State Department of
Transportation is beginning a repaving project on Route 9W. The
contractor is not especially forthcoming, but Ray Long has found out
that they are preparing the site now (cleaning and adjusting
shoulders & catch basins) and are scheduled to start paving June 11.

All paving will be done during the daytime hours. Ray will open and
close the back gate when it is warranted, and communicate his actions
by email. Keep in mind that we have committed to the neighboring
community that we will operate this gate infrequently and only when
necessary, so it is not likely that we will operate this gate as
quickly as some of us would like.

I have to go to Seattle on Monday - back in the office Tuesday,

Have a great weekend,

- Mike


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