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Lamont Weekly Report – September 28, 2007

P.O. Box 1000, 61 Route 9W Palisades, New York 10964


- Letter from the Director

I am very pleased to announce that, effective, October 1st, Dr
Rosanne D'Arrigo will be the Associate Director of the
Observatory's Biology and Paleo Environment (BPE) Division. This
appointment is made after a period of several months of discussions
with Rosanne and with members of the Division. These conversations
have been very helpful to me in understanding the challenges that
face BPE over the next several years. I met with members of the
division earlier this week to make this announcement and begin the
discussions that I hope will lead to new ideas and directions to
bring growth and success to the Division. I am confident that
Rosanne can count upon the support of the all members of the
Division and I have pledged to work with her closely to tackle the
many important issues that she will face.

This is the last weekend before Open House - please help us get the
word out to local schools and to all your friends outside of Lamont
- and lets try to make this a record year for attendance. If you
need fliers etc just ask the Development Office. Building public
awareness about the earth and environment is an important part of
our work. We do in fact have staff that handles this - Kevin
Krajick is the number one point person - Kevin is a science writer
of considerable repute (two time winner (in 98 and 04) of AGU's
Walter Sullivan award for excellence in science journalism). If you
want to learn how to publicize your latest findings, if you have
some particularly interesting ongoing work, or an upcoming field
trip to some exotic place; or just want to find out more about
interacting with the media and/or the public, then please contact
Kevin (

On a more mundane note - we still occasionally have overload
problems on the shuttle to and from Morningside. These are
triggered almost exclusively by the need for a substantial group of
folks to travel for some special event. Please - organizers of such
activities - when you schedule think about the timing relative to
the most crowded times for the bus, and anyway, please give Pat
O'Reilly a heads-up. Thanks.

I am pleased to report some good news from Galveston - Langseth
successfully completed the calibration of her dynamic positioning
system this week - keeping station well in 15-20 knot winds. The
final Coast Guard 'Certificate of Inspection' process takes place
early next week, and then she goes to sea for the multibeam sonar
calibration operations immediately after that... so there is light
at the end of the tunnel.

One ad hoc, an ExCom, an EI Academic Committee meeting, two working
group meetings, a meeting with the BPE division and several
additional one-on-one meetings caused this week to fly by... now
just hoping the sun outside my window makes it through the weekend...

Have a good one,

- Mike


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