Eligibilty Check

If you have been contacted to return to work on the Lamont campus by your supervisor or by your division's associate director,  it is essential that you consult the details about Recovery Planning and the Ramping Up of On-site Activity, to see how these new requirements will apply to you.

Presently, only the Comer buidling is open for research ramp-up. All other buildings are closed until further notice. The opening and return schedules for other buildings will be available when the decision is made to open them. Until then, only essential personnel and those adhering to “grab-and-go” protocols will be able to enter.

  • Those newly returning to work on campus, on or after June 24, 2020, as part of the research ramp-up. If you are in this group, your access to campus will depend on meeting important new requirements, most notably a daily symptom self-check, and training 
  • Those who have been on campus even before June 24, 2020 in connection with the performance of essential services. If you are in this group, your access to campus, beginning June 22, will depend on meeting some of the same requirements that apply to returning researchers, particularly the daily symptom self-check and training
  • Those not yet eligible to return to work on campus. If you are in this group, you are not presently subject to the new requirements. But please consult the guidance nevertheless, as information contained there is likely to be of value to you. 

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