Section 6 Papers

6. Infrasound MonitoringToC
6-01Arrowsmith, S., H. Hartse, G. Randall, and S. Taylor
Infrasound as a Depth Discriminant: Construction of a Unique Dataset and Preliminary Analyses
6-02Arrowsmith, S., I. Che, C. Hayward, J. Park, and B. Stump
Multiple-Array Detection, Association and Location of Infrasound and Seismo-Acoustic Events - Utilization of Ground Truth Information
6-03Gibson, R., D. Drob, and D. Broutman
Advancement of Techniques for Modeling the Effects of Fine-Scale Atmospheric Inhomogeneities on Infrasound Propagation
6-04Gitterman, Y., M. Garces, J. Bowman, D. Fee, H. Israelsson, A. Hofstetter, and V. Pinsky
Near-Source and Far-Regional Infrasound Observations for Sayarim Test Explosions
6-05Hart, D. and T. McDonald
Infrasound Sensor and Porous-Hose Filter Evaluation Results
6-06Stump, B., C. Hayward, S. Arrowsmith, G. Randall, K. Pankow, R. Burlacu, and S. Taylor
Infrasound from Earthquakes: Signal Characterization
6-07Whitaker, R.
Infrasound Signals from Ground Motion Sources