Section 5 Papers

5. Radionuclide MonitoringToC
5-01Biegalski, S., M. Deinert, T. Saller, and B. Wooten
Modeling of Radioxenon Production and Release Pathways
5-02Cooper, M., J. Ely, D. Haas, J. Hayes, M. Keillor, and J. McIntyre
Radiation Detection Challenges
5-03Farsoni, A. and D. Hamby
Characterization of Triple-Layer Phoswich Detector for Radioxenon Measurements
5-04Hennig, W., W. Warburton, A. Fallu-Labruyere, K. Sabourov, M. Cooper, J. McIntyre, A. Gleyzer, M. Bean, E. Korpach, K. Ungar, W. Zhang, P. Mekarski, R. Ward, S. Biegalski, and D. Haas
Radioxenon Measurements with the PhosWatch Detector System
5-05Hull, E., R. Pehl, J. Lathrop, P. Mann, R. Mashburn, B. Suttle, H. Miley, C. Aalseth, T. Bowyer, and T. Hossbach
Mechanically Cooled Large-Volume Germanium Detector Systems for Nuclear Explosion Monitoring
5-06Humble, P., R. Williams, and J. Hayes
Finite Element Modeling of Adsorption Processes for Gas Separation and Purification
5-07Keillor, M., C. Aalseth, A. Day, J. Fast, E. Hoppe, B. Hyronimus, T. Hossbach, H. Miley, and A. Seifert
Assembly and Initial Results: an Ultra-Low-Background Germanium Crystal Array for High Efficiency and Coincidence Measurements
5-08Martin, G., C. Xie, K. Yocum, J. Colaresi, and H. Miley
Improving Germanium Detector Resolution and Reliability
5-09Yocum, K., J. Colaresi, and H. Miley
Improvement in Ge Detector Cooling