Research Team Members

Principal Investigator: Dr. Daniel M. Westervelt


Oreoluwa Solanke (Columbia University, BSc in Environmental Sciences, 2021)

Celeste McFarlane (BSc in ChemE, 2021) -- Co-advised with Dr. V. Faye McNeill

Sarah Hancock (BSc in Environmental Sciences, 2021) -- Co-advised with Dr. Arlene Fiore

PhD student committees served:

Dr. Alison Fankhauser, ChemE 2019 (Advisor: Dr. V. Faye McNeill)

Dr. William Tsui, ChemE 2020 (Advisor: Dr. V Faye McNeill)

Previous members:

Chang Wang (MS in Earth and Environmental Engineering, 2019)

Anant Majumdar (BSc in Economics and Computer Science, 2020)

Clara Ma (BS in Geophysics from Yale, 2018)

Karen Xia (BS in Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology, 2017)

To inquire about joining the team, email Dr. Westervelt at danielmw at ldeo dot columbia dot edu !