A new version 2.0b is available, which includes 3D models/ray tracing, station elevation, and an improved weighting scheme. If you would like to use/test this beta version, please email me at felixw@ldeo.columbia.edu.

HypoDD is a computer program that implements the double-difference earthquake location algorithm of Waldhauser & Ellsworth (2000). The program package includes source codes, user guide (Waldhauser, 2001), and several example data sets and is freely available from this site and via anonymous ftp. The file below, BugList_1.3, lists errors found in the current version (HypoDD_1.3) and tells you how to fix them. Thanks to those who pointed them out.  

Download HypoDD version 1.3 (11/2010) here:

  • HYPODD_1.3.tar.gz   (source codes and user guide; 1.4MB)
  • HYPODD_1.3_Examples.tar.gz   (small and medium size example data sets; 2.4MB)
  • HYPODD_moreExamples.tar.gz   (3 large example data sets; 78.9MB)
  • README  (how to get started...)
  • BugList_1.3  (Bug list for HYPODD version 1.3)
  • or get the files via anonymous ftp from the Lamont server
        ftp ftp.ldeo.columbia.edu
        cd archive/felix/HYPODD

    Note: Version 1.3 is essentially the same as 1.2, but now compiles with gfortran under Linux.

    Contact: If you experience any problems with downloading or using the software, or for comments in general, please write me at felixw@ldeo.columbia.edu

    Future Updates: If you wish to receive an email when future updates become available please send email to felixw@ldeo.columbia.edu and include "HYPODD UPDATE" in the subject line.

    Get older versions here.


  • Waldhauser F. and W.L. Ellsworth, A double-difference earthquake location algorithm: Method and application to the northern Hayward fault, Bull. Seism. Soc. Am., 90, 1353-1368, 2000. pdf
  • Waldhauser, F., HypoDD: A computer program to compute double-difference earthquake locations, USGS Open File Rep., 01-113, 2001. pdf