Helheim network 2010: data-download status

The plots below show the status of data downloads from the Gonzak receivers at Helheim glacier for summer, 2010. Light blue indicates that files corresponding to a given time period are on the remote master-site computer (icecube4), based on the directory listing arriving over the Iridium link (max 2000 files listed per transfer). Yellow indicates that the files have been transferred over the Iridium link. The Iridium data download is configured such that it generally retrieves smaller files first.
Helheim network map, summer 2010
Red dots: Gonzak receivers (w/ radio telemetry)
Yellow dots: NetRS receivers (sites on ice have no radio telemetry;
sites on rock are telemetered)
Dashed line: calving front 2009/06/30 (doy 181)

Map showing locations
computed from telemetered GPS data
(GIF above; click here for PDF)

Last updated: Sun Aug 29 00:11:18 GMT 2010
DOY: 2010 241

Meredith Nettles, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory