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The easternmost outcrops we will visit at Five Islands are spectacular eolian dune sequences at Red Head. Described by Hubert and Mertz (1980), these sequences have been placed traditionally in the Wolfville Formation. However, exposures further to the east show that the eolian strata are interbedded with typical lacustrine lithologies of the Blomidon Formation grading downward into fluvial deposits, that are distinctly different from normal Wolfville facies (Olsen, 1977). These strata are therefore grouped with Tectonostratigraphic Sequence III that contains the Blomidon Formation and these "Red Head Beds" probably should be regarded as a basal member of the Blomidon Formation. A virtually identical sequence is present in TS III of the Argana Basin in Morocco where it unconformably overlies the Timezgadiwine Formation (TS II).


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