The Security office is responsible for all LDEO security matters, including oversight of security guards, distribution of building/room keys, parking, visitor access, emergency operations and oversees installation of LDEO locking systems and other security technology.


Medical, Police, Fire Emergencies requiring immediate response call 9-911 then call 555 from any campus phone or (845) 359-2900 to notify Safety/Security office so that we may direct the emergency responders.  Dialing 911 directly will also connect you with Emergency Response.

Note: Medical Emergencies- The LDEO Campus is equipped with 4 Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs) located in the Administration building, Comer building, Monell building and the Guard Booth. In a medical emergency call 9-911 THEN 555 for assistance

NON life threatening emergencies (e.g. broken water lines, leaks, chemical spills/odors, wildlife hazards, which do not reguire external agency response dial 555 from any campus phone or (845) 359-2900 if using a cell phone or off campus.


Building/Room keys can be obtained from the security office (Admin 101) and requires a refundable $10.00 deposit for each key. There is a $10.00 deposit for replacement keys also.

Parking/Vehicle Registration

See  Parking Policy  for details on parking issues


To authorize a visitor to the campus, please email the Security office at  or  See Parking/Visitor Policy for details on visitor procedures.


Howie Matza
Extension: 8822
FAX: (845) 365-8101 

Cathy Troutman 
Assistant Manager
Extension: 8860
FAX: (845) 365-8101 

Maryann Hanneman
Telephone Coordinator
Extension: 8990 or dial 0 for Operator
FAX: (845) 365-8101


Stephen Weinstein
Night Supervisor (Custodial & Security)
Extension: 8418
FAX: (845) 365-8101

After Hours Telephone - (845) 359-2900 / (845) 365-8370