Columbia-Wharton/Penn Roundtable on 
"Risk Management Strategies in an Uncertain World"

April 12-13, 2002 
 IBM Palisades Executive Conference Center 
Palisades, New York 



White Papers (PowerPoint Presentations Included)

Participant Notes

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IBM Conference Center

Center for Hazards and Risk Research

Wharton Risk Management and Decision Processes Center

Columbia Earth Institute

  Participant Notes:
Roberta Balstad Miller
Information Resources for Disaster Recovery in the US: Local vs. Federal Government Roles
Robert E. Chapman and Harold E. Marshall
Cost Effectiveness Tool for Evaluating the Management of Terrorist Risk
Bob Chen
Data and Information Needs in Dealing with Multiple Threats
Cary Coglianese
Reducing Risk with Management-Based Regulation
Tim Cohn
Risk Management in an Uncertain World: A Perspective 
Kevin Flesher and Geoff Shaw
Extreme Event (Terrorism) Risk Management and Reduced Ambiguity of Risk: What's it worth?
Craig R. Fox
The Impact of Extreme Events in Decisions Under Uncertainty: A Cognitive Perspective
Paul K. Freeman
Risk Management in an Uncertain World
Jacob Gersen
A View From Behavioral Political Economy on Risk Management Strategies in an Uncertain World
Victor Goldberg
Aversion to Risk Aversion
Sigurd Grava
The Stigma of Disaster Probability
Miriam Heller
Life-Cycle Infrastructure Risk Management : R&D Needs
Roger Hurwitz
The Administration of Anxiety
Sally Kane and Nancy Beller-Simms
Climate Information and Forecasts: New Tools for Risk Management
Sally Katzen
The Management Challenge of Extreme Events
David Krantz
Individual/Cooperative Planning Under Uncertainty
H. Felix Kloman
Risk Management Report and Does Risk Matter?
Howard Kunreuther
The Role of Insurance in Managing Extreme Events: Implications for Terrorism Coverage
Joan Lamm-Tennant
Implications of Extreme Events and Market Shocks: Capacity, Price Volatility and the Value of Transparency
Joanne Linnerooth-Bayer
Equity and Extreme Events
Peter J. May
Policy Design and Implementation Perspectives
Tim McDaniels
Risk Management for Extreme Events: A Role for Adaptive Learning?
Bonnie W. Morris
Identifying Risks and Building Trust in Global Supply Chains
John M. Mulvey
Optimal Decision Making Under Extreme Event Risks
D. Warner North
Reflections on Planning and Analysis for Extreme Events
Peter R. Orszag
Overview of Protecting the American Homeland
Mark Pauly
Personal and Social Extreme Events: The Case of Health Insurance
William Petak with slides Provided by Tom Jordon of SCEC
Managing Risk in a Complex Environment with Competing Worldviews
Joseph Picciano and Bruce J. Swiren
FEMA Region II Perspectives
Eldar Shafir
Psychological/Behavioral Considerations in the Management and Analysis of Extreme Events
Zur Shapira
Cost of Errors of Omission and Errors of Commission in Risk Management
Jerry R. Skees
Mixing Markets and Government in Risk Sharing
Kent Smetters
Is there a Role for Government Provision of Terrorism Reinsurance?
Dr. Gordon Woo
Benefit-Cost Analyses for Malevolent Human Actions