Columbia-Wharton/Penn Roundtable on 
"Risk Management Strategies in an Uncertain World"

April 12-13, 2002 
 IBM Palisades Executive Conference Center 
Palisades, New York 



White Papers (PowerPoint Presentations Included)

Participant Notes

Additional Contributed Material

Attendee List


IBM Conference Center

Center for Hazards and Risk Research

Wharton Risk Management and Decision Processes Center

Columbia Earth Institute

  White Papers:
  • Vicki Bier and Rae Zimmerman:
Risk Assessment of Extreme Events

PowerPoint Presentation 

  • Neil Doherty and Paul Kleindorfer:
Market and Contract Design for Catastrophic Losses
  • Geoff Heal and Howard Kunreuther:
You Can Only Die Once: Public-Private Partnerships for Managing the Risks of Extreme Events
PowerPoint Presentation
  • Roger Pielke and Dan Sarewitz:
  • Vulnerability and Risk: Some Thoughts From A Political and Policy Perspective
    • Paul Slovic and Elke Weber:
    Perception of Risks Posed by Extreme Events