A Day in the Life of the Hudson River

"Snapshot Day" October 12, 2005

General Note: Snapshot Day Participants 2005 faced residual effects of Hurricane Tammy as they collected data. Weather conditions ranged from wet to wetter. Driving rains dumped inches of rain throughout the Hudson Estuary. Piermont area (image above) received 3.9 inches of rain during the day and Manhattan received 4.26 inches of rain, a record rainfall amount for one day according to the National Weather Service. Flood Watches were in place for much of the participating area.

In some instances participants had shelters where they could huddle and perform test. In other areas they used school buses as a base of operations (Mahopac HS image). Still others ran quick tests in the driving rain and headed home. A few schools unfortunately had to cancel their involvement and are looking forward to next year.

While the data collection was less comprehensive in some locations than in prior years due to the poor weather conditions, dedicated students, teachers and environmental educators did a remarkable job of gathering baseline information in all reaches of the estuary. The rainy conditions actually offer a unique set of factors which can be used in data examination:

These and other questions make this year's data interesting to consider.

*Most files saved as word, and pdf documents; Sites/Participants is pdf; Chlorophyll and Sediment Samples are linked web pages.

Files By Topic (word) Files By Topic (pdf) Site Names/Locations Files by Site (word) Files by Site (pdf)
Sites & Participating Groups Troy NY - Junior Museum/Heatly School RM 151 RM 151
Dissolved Oxygen   Stuyvesant Landing - Columbia County Soil & Water RM 127 RM 127
pH   Nutten Hook, Stuyvesant - Columbia Land Conservancy RM 124 RM 124
Phosphates   Coxsackie - DEC Five Rivers RM 123 RM 123
Nitrates   Cohotate Preserve, Athens - Greene County Soil & Water RM 115 RM 115
Alkalinity   Saugerties Light House, Woodstock Day School RM103 RM 103
Salinity   Ulster Landing Park, Ulster - EMC RM 97 RM 97
Physical Factors   Esopus Meadows Environmental Center, Esopus - Clearwater RM 87 RM 87
Tides   Norrie Point, Staatsburg - HRNERR RM 85 RM 85
Currents   Waryas Park - Poughkeepsie, Mid-Hudson Children's Museum RM 76 RM 76
Shipping   Long Dock, Beacon RM 61E RM 61E
Weather   Newburgh Landing, Newburgh RM 61W RM 61W
Fish   Kowawese Park, New Windsor RM 59 RM 59
CPUE (Fish Count Per Unit of Effort)   Verplanck - Mahopac High School RM 41 RM 41
Chlorophyll   Piermont Pier, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory RM 25 RM 25
Sediment Samples  

Hudson River Museum


RM 19E
    Alpine Boat Basin, Tenafly Nature Center RM19W RM 19W
    Beczak Environmental Center, Yonkers RM 18 RM 18
    Inwood Park, NY Park Rangers RM 15 RM 15
    Swindler's Cove, New York Restoration Project RM 13 RM 13
    79th Street Boat Basin, Manhattan - Metro Montessori School RM 6 RM 6
    Christopher Street Pier - New York City Soil & Water RM 4 RM 4
    Manhattan - The River Project RM 2 RM 2
    Gowanus Canal - Urban Park Divers RM0 RM 0

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