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Thank you all for a very successful 2016 event! Now let's look forward to 2017!

Day in the Life 2017 sounds a long way off, but it will be here before you know it! Our event will be Thursday October 12, 2017 and we will have workshops and activities in advance of that date. We have not put out our registration yet so if you are not already on the mailing list and want to be contacted when registration begins just email us Margie Turrin of Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Rebecca Houser, Chris Bowser, or Steve Stanne with The Hudson River Estuary Program to learn more. Attached is a flier about the event.

Take a minute to check out the 2016 data! There is a lot there! If you still have data that you forgot to submit please emailor fax them to Margie Turrin (845-365-8179) as soon as you can. Then take a minute to test our our new interactive database. Compare parameters, compare sites, look through time!

Click above for a short video from Four Mile Point, Coxsackie
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Everyone has been talking about it since no one can believe it! Yes our 2016 event was just as incredible as our 2015 event! In 2015 we hosted 94 sample groups composed of 4494 students, 627 teachers and adult helpers for a staggering total of 5121 participating samplers! AND in 2016 we used 80 different sites, included 41 partners, and during the event we involved 4,603 student samplers, who were supported by 645 teachers and chaperones for an incredible 5,231 participants!

samplersEvent Description: The event is designed to celebrate the Hudson River Estuary and educate participants on the uniqueness of our estuary as part of the annual recognition of "National Estuaries Week". The event is coordinated by The Hudson River Estuary Program of New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory. Each fall, environmental education centers are encouraged to team with school classes along the Hudson River to create a day-in-the-life picture of the river from the Troy Dam to New York Harbor. The event began in 2003 with a modest 300 plus student participants and has grown until in our most recent event, October 2014, we involved over 3000 students and individual participants almost 70 sites from the New York Bight up to Peebles Island on the Hudson River, and into the Mohawk watershed, a major Hudson River tributary. Each site gathered data on the Hudson and shared their results, gaining a better understanding of this historic and vital estuary system. Data, Lesson Plans, Resources...lots of resource materials are provided here for your use in joining us on a virtual exploration of the river...and plan to join us on in 2015 for your own dip in the Hudson River as part of our Day in the Life on the Hudson River!

We have over a decade of students - undergraduates to elementary school - joining together one special day a year to sample, learn and engage with the Hudson River! In the last 13 years we have engaged over 34,000 participants in our Day in the Life events, bringing students, teachers and educators to the Hudson River for sampling, learning and fun! Check out the results page!



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