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Annual Activity Sheets from 'A Day in the Life' Student collected data

Starting in 2009 worksheets and educational materials have been developed focused on the data students collect at their sampling sites. Comparing between years shows a dynamic system that adjusts with changes in conditions. Be sure to review the metadata with your students as this will add the context they need to be successful in using the data.

Salinity Activity
Almanac Activity
Fish Catch Activity
Metadata 2015
Salinity Worksheet - Student - Teacher Version
naked goby
Fish Worksheet - Student - Teacher Version

10/20/15 - Our thirteenth annual 'Day in the Life of the Hudson River' the day was crystal clear and dawned cool. Little rain had reached the estuary for the last month or more and so influences from the salt, entering at from the Atlantic Ocean at the southern reaches of the Hudson, were found well upriver. Atlantic Silversides, an ecological indicator of the leading edge of salt in the estuary, were netted up by Beacon and Newburgh (RM60). One surprise was the saltwater loving pipefish that made its way as far up as Norrie Point (RM84.5) where the water was well below what we would consider brackish.

Metadata 2014
River Challenge Worksheet - Student - Teacher Version
A Day in the Life Almanac
Fish Worksheet - Student - Teacher Version

Shipping and Math - Student - Teacher Version

10/16/14 - The weather was poor for much of the lower river with torential rains and thunder and lightening in some areas.. Many sites contacted us cancelling or postponing. We ended up supporting as many schools as possible with make up events. It turned out the storm went on for several days and so even make up events were rescheduled or held in difficult weather conditions. We accepted and posted data from any number of different dates in the two weeks around the event date.
Metadata 2013
Salinity Worksheet - Student - Teacher Version
A Day in the Life Almanac
Fish Worksheet - Student - Teacher Version
Fishing in 2013
10/10/13 the weather threated rain after a fairly dry August. A second straight year saw salt move up beyond Newburgh. The day was cold, averaging a full 10 degrees Celcius colder than 2012. Cool water temperatures may have contributed to very low fish counts. Many sites netted nothing. ulster
seine Tides, Plants? Overall fish counts were down - several sites had empty nets where in past years they had netted fish. In many areas the tides were at the high end of their range, making seining difficult. In the upriver freshwater sites lack of vallisneria (water celery) might have contiburted to low counts of fish as small fish use these beds for protection & foraging.
Metadata 2012
Salinity Worksheet - Student / Teacher Version
Day in Review
10/4/12 heavy mist and rain covered much of the Hudson during the day. Some schools postponed - most participated. The week leading up to the event was wet, although the summer had been very dry with the salt pushed way upriver to Poughkeepsie. Water plant vallisneria (water celery) was mostly absent post hurricanes. River Salinity Weather
striped killi
Metadata 2011
Salinity Worksheet - Student / Teacher Version
10/18/11 the river was extremely turbid & swollen with rain after Hurricane Irene (8/28/11) & Tropical Storm Lee (9/8/11). The salt front was low, pushed down by all the rain. Sampling nets pulled in few blue crab but LOTS of young herring, perhaps sent downriver by the rains.
Pier 95
Metadata 2010

Salinity Worksheet - Student / Teacher Version

A Day in the Life Almanac
Fish Worksheet - Student / Teacher Version
Day in Review
10/14/10 the day began shrouded in fog and for the afternoon samplers ended in rain. Recent rains throughout the watershed had left the river running very full and the salt front pushed down to ~ RM 36 - about half where it was in 2009. The weather was cool and crisp.
bronx river

Metadata 2009

Salinity Worksheet - Student / Teacher Version A Day in the Life Almanac Fish Worksheet - Student /Teacher Version The Blow Out Tide & HRECOS
10/8/09 a 'blow out tide' greeted samplers. Strong winds on the Hudson began midday 10/7/09, strengthening during the night. The strong wind affected tides causing a 'blow out' or extremely low tide exposing large expanses of mudflats. Fish catches were poor. Salt levels dropped with a rain on 10/7/09.

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