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Concentration Analyses via ICPMS and ICPOES




excell The ExCell is a quadropole ICPMS which is our work horse machine. It is can be used in conjuction with the UP193FX laser providing a much quicker near simultaneous elemental analysis of a sample which is crucial in laser ablation.

The ExCell was installed in October 2008, under the direction of Dr. Terry Plank. It is an ICP-quadrupole mass spectrometer, which includes an off-axis lens system which has decreased instrument backgrounds to < 0.5 cps. This ultra-sensitive ICP-MS is primarily dedicated to high precision trace element analyses of volcanic rocks and marine sediments, both as solid samples by laser ablation and by conventional dissolution. Routine precision in solution is 1-2% RSD for most trace elements.


attom The Attom is a magnetic sector high resolution ICPMS with a magnetic e-scan range of 40%. It is also equipped with a fast magnet scan technology that allows it to scan the entire mass range from Li to U in 130ms. The Attom can be used in conjuction with the UP193FX laser allowing us to measure in both laser and solution mode.

The Attom was installed in November 2009, under the direction of Dr. Terry Plank. It is high resolution magnetic sector ICPMS. The high resolution enables measurements of isotopes that otherwise have unresolvable interferences on them. With the Attom's extended 40% e-scan range it can measure all the rare earth elements without jumping the magnet making it ideal for online quasi-simultaneous measurement. The fast scanning technology allows the Attom to measure the entire mass range quickly enough for laser ablation analysis.



The Agilent 720 is an axial ICPOES used for analyses of higher concentrated elements in the ppm range. Unlike the ICPMS which measure elements based on mass, the ICPOES measures elements based on their emission wavelength enabling us to measure elements that are very difficult due to their mass on the ICPMS machines.
The Agilent 720 was installed in December 2012, under the direction of Dr. Steven Goldstein. It is a truly simultaneous axial ICPOES. This ICPOES is primarily dedicated to the analysis of major elements in rocks and sediments. Routine precision in solution is 1-2%.