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User Fee Structure for MC-ICPMS, ICPMS, ICPOES and Laser Analyses
The Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory - American Museum of Natural History ICPMS lab has developed the following user fee structure for the MC-ICPMS, ICPMS and LA-ICPMS instruments in order to cover basic operating costs such as consumables and service calls.
We aim to be flexible in our analytical capabilities, and welcome users of all levels of experience and needs. We especially encourage graduate students to use the lab. We have extensive experience with earth materials (rocks, sediments, volcanic glasses, crystals, seawater, and other waters), but we also have experience with many other types of compounds.
Feel free to contact us to discuss which of the below fee structures best fits your needs.


Type of Analyses Price per hour Price per sample
Isotopic Analyses by MC-ICPMS
Concentration Analyses (solution only)
$50 $50
Laser Concentration Analyses
an additional $100 is charged per day an additional $100 is charged per day


Minimum cost of analyses
Isotopic Analyses by MC-ICPMS
Concentration Analyses (solution only)
Laser Concentration Analyses


Determination of concentration range of samples for standardization
Isotopic Analyses
Concentration Analyses


Prices per hour of instrument time - Hourly costs apply to those who come to Lamont and run their samples on the instruments with sufficient training. Training is given only to those who plan to use the instruments on a routine basis. back to table
Prices per sample - Per sample costs apply to those who send samples to Lamont for analysis. Prices include blanks and standards sent to be run along with the samples. A minimum cost for analyses on either instrument is based on the minimum time to tune each instrument and set up a run. back to table
Laser ICPMS cost per sample - Cost per sample by laser ablation includes three spots on a sample plus an additional three spots on a standard(s). back to table
Standardization for Concentration Analyses - If standards are not supplied, they can be made at Lamont. Standard curves consist of four points, which will add an additional four items to the total cost of the run. If the concentration ranges of the samples are not well constrained (within an order of magnitude), a quick analysis must be conducted to determine the concentration ranges needed for the standards. back to table

Isotopic Analyses - This refers to Nd, Hf or Pb isotopes analyzed in solution that has been put through the proper separatory columns. In house standards are supplied and included in the per sample cost. back to table

Concentration Analyses - All solutions provided must be filtered/free of particulates and organic compounds. All sample solutions should be in 2% to 5% HNO3. Sample solutions can be in HCl, but interferences may become an issue on some elements particularly on the ICPMS (e.g., 40Ar35Cl on 75As). There is an additional charge of $5 per sample for samples that have trace amounts of HF (< 0.5%). Once again, interference issues may arise on the ICP-MS (e.g. 40Ar19F on 59Co). We require a minimum of 10 to 15 ml of solution for concentration analysis. Smaller volumes can be analyzed but require different introduction systems, and therefore an additional charge of $5 per sample. back to table
Laser Analyses - All mounts should be polished, free of coatings, and > 30 microns thick. back to table


Turn around time for analyses is generally one month. If samples need to be run sooner, a rush order fee may be applied.
For more information feel free to contact us.