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[TXT] ACKNOWL.HTM             31-Aug-2005 13:07  4.4K  Acknowledgements
[TXT] ACRONYMS.HTM            31-Aug-2005 09:54   25K  Acronyms, etc.
[TXT] ADOBERDR.HTM            29-Aug-2005 13:59  2.1K  Install Adobe Reader
[DIR] ADOBERDR/               29-Aug-2005 17:53    -   Adobe Reader Installers
[EXE] AUTORUN.EXE             09-Aug-2005 11:02   74K  AutoRun Executable
[TXT] AUTORUN.INF             09-Aug-2005 11:02   42   AutoRun Information File
[TXT] AUTORUN.INI             09-Aug-2005 11:02  8.8K  AutoRun Initiation File
[TXT] COVER.HTM               31-Aug-2005 14:02  1.8K  CD Cover Page
[DIR] HARDCOPY/               29-Aug-2005 17:03    -   Files sent to the printer
[DIR] IMAGES/                 25-Aug-2005 19:09    -   Images used on this CD
[DIR] PAPERS/                 25-Aug-2005 19:09    -   SRR 2005 Papers
[IMG] README.TXT              31-Aug-2005 14:13    3K  Readme First
[IMG] SRR.ICO                 29-Aug-2005 18:03   11K  SRR Icon
[TXT] SRRSTYLE.CSS            09-Aug-2005 15:20  1.6K  Style Sheet
[TXT] TOC.HTM                 31-Aug-2005 16:21   39K  Table of Contents