2005 Seismic Research Review Proceedings
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  1. Seismic Regional Characterization and Wave Propagation
  2. Seismic Event Detection and Location
  3. Seismic Identification and Source Characterization
  4. Hydroacoustic Monitoring
  5. Radionuclide Monitoring
  6. Infrasound Monitoring
  7. Data Processing and Analysis

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1. Seismic Regional Characterization and Wave PropagationToC
1-01Ammon, C., M. Kosarian, R. Herrmann, M. Pasyanos, W. Walter, W. Sevilla, and G. Randall
Simultaneous Inversion of Receiver Functions and Surface-Wave Dispersion Measurements for Lithospheric Structure Beneath Asia and North Africa
1-02Bungum, H., N. Maercklin, O. Ritzmann, J. Faleide, C. Weidle, A. Levshin, J. Schweitzer, W. Mooney, and S. Detweiler
Development of a Three-Dimensional Velocity Model for the Crust and Upper Mantle in the Greater Barents Sea Region
1-03Cong, L. and B. Mitchell
Regional Variation of Rayleigh-wave Attenuation in Southern Asia Predicted from New Maps of Lg Coda Q and Its Frequency Dependence at 1 Hz
1-04Harris, D., F. Ringdal, E. Kremenetskaya, S. Mykkeltveit, D. Rock, N. Maercklin, J. Schweitzer, T. Hauk, and J. Lewis
Ground Truth Collection for Mining Explosions in Northern Fennoscandia and Northwestern Russia
1-05Herrmann, R., Y. Jeon, W. Walter, and M. Pasyanos
Seismic Source and Path Calibration in the Korean Peninsula, Yellow Sea and Northeast China
1-06Lay, T., X. Xie, X. Yang, S. Taylor, and W. Phillips
Development of Regional Phase Tomographic Attenuation Models for Eurasia
1-07Mackey, K., K. Fujita, H. Hartse, L. Steck, and R. Stead
Seismic Characterization of Northeast Asia and Analysis of the Neva Peaceful Nuclear Explosions
1-08Martin, R., M. Krasovec, S. Romer, M. Toksöz, H. Kuleli, L. Gulen, and E. Vergino
The Caucasus Seismic Information Network Study and Its Extension into Central Asia
1-09Minaya, E. and P. Aliaga
Anomalous Recording of Earthquakes Occuring in Central Andes of Bolivia
1-10Mooney, W. and S. Detweiler
Continuing Analysis of Earth Structure and Ground Truth Data from the Middle East
1-11Morozov, I., E. Morozova, S. Smithson, and I. Kadurin
Nuclear-Explosion Profiles for Seismic Calibration of Northern Eurasia
1-12Morozov, I., H. Li, H. Zheng, and S. Smithson
Observations and Modeling of Frequency-Dependent Lg Coda from Peaceful Nuclear Explosions
1-13Morozov, I., W. Phillips, and I. Kadurin
Magnitude-Yield and Travel-Time Calibration of Northern Eurasia Using Deep Seismic Sounding Datasets
1-14Myers, S., J. Wagoner, L. Preston, K. Smith, and S. Larsen
The Effect of Realistic Geologic Heterogeneity on Local and Regional P/S Amplitude Ratios Based on Numerical Simulations
1-15Ni, X., W. Chan, R. Wagner, W. Walter, and E. Matzel
Source and Propagation Characteristics of Explosive and Other Seismic Sources
1-16Pasyanos, M., W. Walter, H. Tkalcic, G. Franz, R. Gok, and A. Rodgers
Geophysical Model Applications for Monitoring
1-17Pulliam, J. and M. Sen
Assessing Uncertainties in Waveform Modeling of the Crust and Upper Mantle
1-18Ritzwoller, M., N. Shapiro, M. Pasyanos, G. Bensen, and Y. Yang
Short Period Surface Wave Dispersion Measurements from Ambient Seismic Noise in North Africa, the Middle East, and Central Asia
1-19Rodgers, A., P. Bodin, L. Malagnini, K. Mayeda, and A. Akinci
Source and Path Effects on Regional Phases in India from Aftershocks of the January 26, 2001, Bhuj Earthquake
1-20Rodi, W. and D. Reiter
Development of a Joint Regional Body and Surface Wave Tomography Method
1-21Romanowicz, B., M. Panning, and A. Kim
Calibration of 3D Upper Mantle Structure in Eurasia Using Regional and Teleseismic Full Waveform Seismic Data
1-22Sandvol, E., E. Zor, J. Xie, and B. Mitchell
High-Resolution Tomographic Mapping of Regional Phase Q in the Middle East
1-23Stevens, J., J. Given, G. Baker, and H. Xu
Development of Surface-Wave Dispersion and Attenuation Maps and Improved Methods for Measuring Surface Waves
1-24Tibuleac, I., A. Stroujkova, J. Bonner, and K. Mayeda
Predicting Explosion-Generated Sn and Lg Coda Using Synthetic Seismograms
1-25Toksöz, M., R. Van der Hilst, Y. Sun, and C. Li
P and S Wave Velocity Structure of the Crust and Upper Mantle Under China and Surrounding Areas from Body and Surface Wave Tomography
1-26van der Lee, S., A. Rodgers, M. Flanagan, M. Pasyanos, F. Marone, and B. Romanowicz
Towards a Comprehensive Seismic Velocity Model for the Broader Africa-Eurasia Collision Region, to Improve Nuclear Explosion Monitoring
1-27Xie, J., D. Schaff, and Y. Liu
Tomographic Mapping of Lg Q in Eastern Eurasia
1-28Xie, X., T. Lay, and R. Wu
Near-Source Energy Partitioning for Regional Waves in 2D and 3D Models, Contributions of S*-to-Lg and P-to-Lg Scattering
1-29Yang, X., A. Lowry, A. Levshin, and M. Ritzwoller
Toward a Rayleigh Wave Attenuation Model for Eurasia and Calibrating a New Ms Formula
1-30Zhang, H., C. Thurber, and X. Song
High-Resolution Seismic Velocity and Attenuation Structure of the Sichuan-Yunnan Region, Southwest China, Using Seismic Catalog and Waveform Data
2. Seismic Event Detection and LocationToC
2-01Antolik, M., J. Erickson, M. Tinker, K. Hutchenson, G. Kraft, and L. Owiesny
A Priori Empirical Calibration for Multiple-Event Location Methods
2-02Bondár, I., B. Kohl, E. Bergman, K. McLaughlin, H. Israelsson, Y. Kung, P. Piraino, and E. Engdahl
Global Ground Truth Data Set with Waveform and Improved Arrival Data
2-03Bondár, I., K. McLaughlin, and H. Israelsson
Improved Event Location Uncertainty Estimates
2-04Brazier, R., M. Benoit, Y. Park, A. Nyblade, and M. Pasyanos
Ground Truth Events, Magnitude Scale, Velocity Models and Travel Time Correction Surfaces for Northeastern Africa
2-05Brooks, B., F. Gomez, E. Sandvol, and L. Frazer
Ground Truth of African and Eastern Mediterranean Shallow Seismicity Using SAR Interferomtery and Gibbs Sampling Inversion
2-06Carlson, D., K. Kane, F. Schult, S. Ballard, C. Young, and D. Anderson
Utilizing Prior Information for Depth to Improve Seismic Event Discrimination
2-07Engdahl, E., E. Bergman, S. Myers, and F. Ryall
Improved Ground Truth in Southern Asia Using In-Country Data, Analyst Waveform Review and Advanced Algorithms
2-08Fisk, M. and S. Myers
Ground-Truth Event Locations Using Cross-Correlated Seismic Phases and Satellite Imagery
2-09Hipp, J., S. Ballard, M. Chang, and L. Jensen
Representing Kriged Travel Time Correction Surfaces with Optimal Tessellations
2-10Kim, W., P. Richards, D. Schaff, F. Waldhauser, and J. Zhang
Evaluation of Cross-Correlation Methods on a Massive Scale for Accurate Relocation of Seismic Events
2-11Monsalve, G., A. Sheehan, T. de la Torre, C. Rowe, and M. Begnaud
Ground Truth in Central Asia from In-Country Networks
2-12Myers, S., G. Johannesson, and W. Hanley
Multiple-Event Location Using the Markov-Chain Monte Carlo Technique
2-13Reeves, P., S. Ballard, J. Hipp, C. Young, D. Myers, and B. Ammons
Improved Representation and Calculation of Base Model Travel Times Using the Parametric Grid Library
2-14Reiter, D. and A. Stroujkova
Improved Depth-Phase Detection at Regional Distances
2-15Ringdal, F., S. Gibbons, and D. Harris
Adaptive Waveform Correlation Detectors for Arrays: Algorithms for Autonomous Calibration
2-16Ringdal, F., S. Gibbons, T. Kvaerna, V. Asming, Y. Vinogradov, S. Mykkeltveit, and J. Schweitzer
Research in Regional Seismic Monitoring
2-17Rodi, W.
Error Analysis in the Joint Event Location/Seismic Calibration Inverse Problem
2-18Saikia, C., H. Thio, D. Helmberger, G. Ichinose, and C. Ji
Ground Truth Locations Using Synergy Between Remote Sensing and Seismic Methods—Application to Chinese and North African Earthquakes
2-19Salzberg, D., K. Votaw, and M. Marshall
Seismic Source Locations and Parameters for Sparse Networks by Matching Observed Seismograms to Semi-Empirical Synthetic Seismograms
2-20Shumway, R.
Advances in Mixed Signal Processing for Regional and Teleseismic Arrays
2-21Steck, L., W. Phillips, C. Rowe, M. Begnaud, K. Mackey, K. Fujita, and H. Hartse
Pn Tomography and Location in Eurasia
2-22Yang, T., Y. Shen, and X. Yang
Crustal and Mantle Structure Beneath Eastern Eurasia from Finite Frequency Seismic Tomography (FFST)
3. Seismic Identification and Source CharacterizationToC
3-01Anderson, D., D. Carlson, G. Kraft, F. Schult, S. Taylor, and W. Walter
Event Identification Framework for Teleseismic and Regional Discriminants
3-02Arrowsmith, M., S. Arrowsmith, B. Stump, and M. Hedlin
Discrimination of Small Events Using Regional Waveforms: Application to Seismic Events in the US and Russia
3-03Bonner, J., D. Russell, D. Harkrider, D. Reiter, and R. Herrmann
Application of a Time-Domain, Variable-Period Surface Wave Magnitude Measurement Procedure at Regional and Teleseismic Distances
3-04Bonner, J., B. Stump, M. Leidig, X. Yang, R. Zhou, T. Kim, W. Walter, A. Velasco, C. Hayward, D. Baker, C. Edwards, S. Harder, H. Hooper, T. Glenn, C. Zeiler, R. Gok, J. Britton, and J. Lewkowicz
Source Phenomenology Experiments in Arizona
3-05Bungum, H., T. Kvaerna, S. Mykkeltveit, N. Maercklin, M. Roth, K. Aastebol, D. Harris, and S. Larsen
Energy Partitioning for Seismic Events in Fennoscandia and NW Russia
3-06Fisk, M., T. Lay, and S. Taylor
Modeling and Empirical Research on Energy Partitioning of Regional Seismic Phases used for Explosion Monitoring
3-07Gitterman, Y., V. Pinsky, and A. Hofstetter
Using Ground Truth Explosions for Studying Seismic Energy Generation and Partitioning into Various Regional Phases
3-08Hong, T. and J. Xie
Source Array Analysis on the Composition of Regional Waves from Balapan Explosions in the Near-Source Region
3-09Hooper, H., I. Tibuleac, M. Pasyanos, and J. Bonner
Improving Ms Estimates by Calibrating Variable Period Magnitude Scales at Regional Distances
3-10Leidig, M., J. Bonner, R. Hansen, V. Romanovsky, S. Brown, R. Martin, and J. Lewkowicz
Possible Effects of Frozen Rock on Explosive Coupling
3-11Mayeda, K., L. Malagnini, W. Phillips, W. Walter, D. Dreger, and P. Morasca
2-D Path Corrections for Local and Regional Coda Waves: A Test of Transportability
3-12Murphy, J., B. Barker, and J. Sultanov
A Scaling Analysis of Frequency Dependent Energy Partition for Local and Regional Seismic Phases from Explosions
3-13Patton, H. and W. Phillips
Regional Magnitude Research Supporting Broad-Area Monitoring of Small Seismic Events
3-14Rautian, T., V. Khalturin, W. Phillips, and P. Richards
Explosion Source Phenomena Using Soviet Test Era Waveform Data
3-15Richardson, E., A. Nyblade, W. Walter, K. Mayeda, and L. Lowe
Seismic Source Characterization and Energy Partitioning from In-Mine and Regional Broadband Data in South Africa
3-16Saikia, C., K. Mayeda, L. Zhu, and R. Herrmann
Developing Multiple-Frequency Discriminants for Use with Regional Coda-Amplitude Measurements
3-17Sammis, C. and R. Biegel
Seismic Radiation from Explosions in Frozen Crystalline Rock
3-18Srinivasan, C., C. Sivakumar, and R. Gupta
Source Parameters of Seismic Events in a Coal Mine in India
3-19Stevens, J., G. Baker, H. Xu, and T. Bennett
The Physical Basis of the Explosion Source and Generation of Regional Seismic Phases
3-20Taylor, S., H. Patton, X. Yang, and M. Maceira
Regional Event Identification Research in Eastern Asia
3-21Toksöz, M., S. Chi, Y. Zhang, E. Sze, and R. Lu
Characterization of an Explosion Source in a Complex Medium by Modeling and Wavelet Domain Inversion
3-22Walter, W., K. Mayeda, R. Gok, A. Rodgers, A. Sicherman, T. Hickling, D. Dodge, E. Matzel, M. Ganzberger, and V. Parker
Regional Seismic Discrimination Optimization With and Without Nuclear Test Data: Western U.S. Examples
3-23Zhou, R., B. Stump, C. Hayward, Z. Yang, and Y. Chen
Study of Regional Broadband Waves from Earthquakes and Man-induced Events in NE China
4. Hydroacoustic MonitoringToC
4-01Blackman, D. and C. de Groot-Hedlin
Acoustic Propagation Through the Antarctic Convergence Zone – Calibration Tests for the Nuclear Test Monitoring System
4-02Bowman, J., J. Hanson, and D. Jepsen
An Active-Source Hydroacoustic Experiment in the Indian Ocean
4-03Matzel, E., A. Ramirez, and P. Harben
Model-Based Hydroacoustic Blockage Assessment and Development of an Explosive Source Database
4-04Pulli, J. and Z. Upton
Azimuthal Dependence of Hydroacoustic Blockage at Diego Garcia and Implications for Discrimination
4-05Upton, Z., J. Bhattacharyya, J. Pulli, S. Shah, and M. Collins
Improving the Physical Understanding of Hydroacoustic Blockage: Statistical and Model Based Studies
5. Radionuclide MonitoringToC
5-01Biegalski, S. and O. Ezekoye
Design of Aerosol Sampler to Remove Radon and Thoron Progeny Interference from Aerosol Samples for Nuclear Explosion Monitoring
5-02Biegalski, S., K. Biegalski, and D. Haas
Development of the Spectral Deconvolution Analysis Tool (SDAT) to Improve Counting Statistics and Detection Limits for Nuclear Explosion Radionuclide Measurements
5-03Cooper, M., A. Carman, J. Hayes, T. Heimbigner, C. Hubbard, K. Litke, J. McIntyre, S. Morris, M. Ripplinger, and R. Suarez
Improved β-γ Coincidence Detector for Radioxenon Detection
5-04Hennig, W., H. Tan, W. Warburton, and J. McIntyre
Digital Pulse Shape Analysis with Phoswich Detectors to Simplify Coincidence Measurements of Radioactive Xenon
5-05Hull, E., H. Miley, R. Pehl, C. Aalseth, and T. Hossbach
Segmentation of the Outer Contact on P-type Coaxial Germanium Detectors
5-06Seifert, C., J. McIntyre, K. Antolick, A. Carman, M. Cooper, J. Hayes, T. Heimbigner, C. Hubbard, K. Litke, M. Ripplinger, and R. Suarez
Mitigation of Memory Effects in Beta Scintillation Cells for Radioactive Gas Detection
6. Infrasound MonitoringToC
6-01Christie, D., B. Kennett, and C. Tarlowski
Detection of Regional and Distant Atmospheric Explosions at IMS Infrasound Stations
6-02Gibson, R. and D. Drob
Infrasound Propagation Calculation Techniques Using Synoptic and Mesoscale Atmospheric Specifications
6-03Norris, D., R. Gibson, J. Bhattacharyya, and R. Whitaker
Development of Advanced Propagation Models and Application to the Study of Impulsive Infrasonic Events at Various Ranges
6-04ReVelle, D.
Additional Infrasonic Studies of Earthquakes and Mining Blasts Discrimination
6-05Walker, K., M. Zumberge, J. Berger, and M. Hedlin
An Improved Method for Determining Infrasound Back Azimuth with Optical Fiber Sensors
6-06Woodward, R., H. Israelsson, I. Bondár, K. McLaughlin, J. Bowman, and H. Bass
Understanding Wind-Generated Infrasound Noise
7. Data Processing and AnalysisToC
7-01Akers, P. and K. Wilbanks
Robust Remote Seismic Station
7-02Begnaud, M., R. Stead, J. Aguilar-Chang, and H. Hartse
Optimizing Data Access and Availability for Seismic Calibration Research
7-03Buckley, S., P. Vincent, and D. Yang
New Ground Truth Capability from InSAR Time Series Analysis
7-04Hart, D., B. Merchant, J. Harris, and C. Young
The 2005 MatSeis and NNSA Seismic Regional Analysis Tools
7-05Kohl, B., T. Bennett, I. Bondár, B. Barker, W. Nagy, C. Reasoner, H. Israelsson, and P. Piraino
Development of a Network Data Set for Evaluating Detection and Network Processing Performance
7-06Kvaerna, T., S. Gibbons, F. Ringdal, and D. Harris
Integrated Seismic Event Detection and Location by Advanced Array Processing
7-07Ruppert, S., D. Dodge, A. Elliott, M. Ganzberger, T. Hauk, and E. Matzel
Enhancing Seismic Calibration Research Through Software Automation and Scientific Information Management
7-08Woodward, R., M. Skov, M. Bahavar, G. Davis, and Y. Kung
Data and Tools to Support Nuclear Explosion Monitoring Research and Development
7-09Young, C. and S. Ballard
A Potential New Nuclear Explosion Monitoring Schema

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