Sept. 5th (Fri-11am)
Gidon Eshel (Bard College): "feeding a 9-billion person Earth"
Sept. 12th  (Fri-11am)
Andreas Thurnherr (LDEO): "Vertical Motion in the Ocean: Linking Internal Waves, Turbulence and Mixing"
Sept. 19th (Fri-11am)
Aditi Sheshadri (MIT): "Seasonal variability of the polar stratospheric vortex in an idealized AGCM with varying tropospheric wave forcing”
Sept. 26th (Fri-11am)
May-Louise Timmermans (Yale University): "Fronts, Filaments and Eddies in the Upper Arctic Ocean”
Oct. 3rd (Fri-11am)
George Haller (ETH Zurich): "Coherent Lagrangian vortices in turbulence”
Oct. 10th (Fri-11am)
OCP Student Talks:
Sloan Coats: “North American Pan-Continental Droughts in Model Simulations of the Last Millennium"
Chen Chen: "The Evolutionary Characteristics, Dynamics and Predictability of ENSO Diversity"
Nandini Ramesh: "Persistent Cold States of the Tropical Pacific and Their Predictability in GFDL CM2.1 and the Zebiak-Cane Model"
Oct. 17th (Fri-11am)
Oct. 22nd (Wed-10am)
Faust Eberhard (Munich Reinsurance Company):
Oct. 22nd (Wed-2pm)
John M. Wallace (University of Washington):
Oct. 24nd (Fri-11am)
Steve Cohen (Earth Institute, Columbia University):
Oct. 31st (Fri-11am)
Adele Morrison (Princeton)
Nov. 14th (Fri-11am)
Heini Wernli (ETH Zurich):
Nov. 21st (Fri-11am)
In Sik-Kang (Seoul National University):
Dec. 5th (Fri-11am)
Eric Leibensperger (Suny Plattsburg): 
Dec. 12th (Fri-11am)
Walter Robinson (NC State):