Jan. 10th (Fri-11am)
Toby Ault: " Characterizing decadal to centennial variability in the equatorial Pacific during the last millennium"
Jan. 17th (Fri-11am)
Georgy Manucharyan: "Persistent ENSO in climates with reduced climatological SST gradients"
Jan. 24th (Fri-11am)
Aiko Voigt: "Impact of cloud-radiative feedbacks on ITCZ shifts in idealized simulations with comprehensive atmosphere models"
Jan. 31st (Fri-11am)
Sarah Kang: "Dependence of climate response on latitudinal position of thermal forcing"
Feb. 7th (Fri-11am)
Dan Griffin: "North American monsoon precipitation reconstructed from tree-ring latewood"
Feb. 12th (Wed-2pm)
Michela Biasutti: "Climate change in the Sahel: can we make a useful forecast?"
Feb. 14th (Fri-11am)
Feb. 21st (Fri-11am)
Ben Santer: "Volcanic Contribution to Decadal Changes in Tropospheric Warming Rate"
Feb. 28th (Fri-11am)
Yunha Lee: "Evaluation of preindustrial to present-day black carbon and its albedo forcing in ACCMIP (Atmospheric Chemistry and Climate Model Intercomparison Project)"
Mar. 7th (Fri-11am)
Campbell Watson: "Orographic precipitation in the tropics"
Mar. 14th (Fri-11am)
Ruoying He: " Observational and modeling study of ocean circulation, air-sea interactions, and biogeochemical processes off the U.S. eastern seaboard and Gulf of Mexico coast "
Mar. 26th (Wed-2pm)
John Dugan: "Surface wind variations measured from time-series EO/IR images of riverine surfaces”
Mar 28th (Fri-11am)
Andrea Lang: " The mid-  and high-latitude response to the extratropical transition of Supertyphoon Dale (1996)"
Apr. 4th (Fri-11am)
Gregory Johnson: "Ocean Bottom Pressure Seasonal Cycles and Decadal Trends from GRACE Release-05: Ocean Circulation Implications"
Apr. 11th (Fri-11am)
Ethan Peck: "Modeled middle atmospheric climate variability from solar influence "
Apr. 16th Wed-2:30pm)
Laura Zamboni: "Parameter Perturbations with the GFDL Model: Smoothness, Uncertainty and Optimization"
Apr. 18th (Fri-11am)
Chris Bretheron: "Regimes of aerosol-low cloud-climate interaction "
Apr. 25th (Fri-11am)
Shafer Smith: " "
May. 2nd (Fri-11am)
Amala Mahadevan: " "
May. 9th (Fri-11am)
Julian Schanze: " "
May. 16th (Fri-11am)
Soyna Legg: " "
May. 23rd (Fri-11am) 
Pierre St-Laurent: " "
May. 30th (Fri-11am)
Ali Mashayek: " "