Frank O. Nitsche Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory


Current courses:


Environmental Data Analysis (BC3017)
Acquisition, analysis, interpretation, and presentation of environmental data, assessment of spatial and temporal variability. Focus on water quality issues and storm surges. Uses existing and student-generated data sets. Basic principles of statistics and GIS, uses standard software packages including EXCEL and ArcGIS. Includes a half-day field trip on a Saturday or Sunday. (see course catalog for details)

Hudson River field classes
Early fall semester we are taking several Barnard College classes on board the RV Seawolf (Stony Brook University) for demonstrations and field measurement of water column propoerties, plankton and bottom trawl.

Past classes and Courses:


Senior Thesis Seminar (EESC BC 3800/3801, EEEB W 3991/2, EESC W 3901)

Guided, independent, in-depth research culminating in the senior essay. Weekly seminar to review work in progress and share results through oral and written reports.

All senior majors are required  to write a senior thesis and participate in the Environmental Science Senior Seminar. The senior seminar can be taken in the fall/spring sequence of the senior year, or in the sequence spring (junior year)/fall (senior year). The goal of the first semester is to write a thesis proposal, that of the second to complete the thesis. (s. website for details)

(Last tought Spring 2016, Fall 2016, Spring 2017)

Workshop in Sustainable Development (EESC BC3300)

last tought Fall 2016, Barnard College

Reflection Seismic (ETH Zurich)