Storke-Doherty Lectureship

The Storke-Doherty Lectureship is a four-year term award made jointly by the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory and the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences. The Lectureship is awarded annually, subject to the availability of funds and qualifying candidates, to an individual selected from among the pool of eligible candidates (see below) on the basis of outstanding scientific merit and potential.

Privileges and Responsibilities

Appointment to the Storke-Doherty Lectureship carries the Salary Support Plan that accompanies appointment to Doherty Associate Research Scientist (3 months per year), and in addition provides the awardee with 6 months of salary per year for the four-year term. Storke-Doherty Lecturers are full-time employees of Columbia University and are expected to raise the remainder of their salary from other sources.

The Storke-Doherty Lecturer holds a term faculty appointment, and participates as a non-visiting member in regular faculty meetings. The award normally carries the responsibility of teaching a University lecture course, or the equivalent, every other year. The course selection requires the approval of the Faculty of the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences.


Eligible candidates are all Postdoctoral Fellows, Postdoctoral Research Scientists, Associate Research Scientists and Doherty Associate Research Scientists who have not yet reached the fourth anniversary of the award of their Ph.D. (or equivalent), and who joined LDEO during the two calendar years prior to the start of the award process.

Selection Process

Storke-Doherty Lecturers are selected by the LDEO Director and the Chair of the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, based upon recommendations from the Storke-Doherty Lecture Committee. The Storke-Doherty Committee comprises 6 members of the Doherty Research Staff.

The Chair of the Storke-Doherty Committee identifies the eligible candidates and sends the list to the other members of the Committee, by National Election Day (early November), for information and correction. By Thanksgiving, the Chair solicits from those eligible (and who wish to be considered) a CV, a statement of research interests that should include a brief outline of funding strategies, and copy of their best paper, and a statement of teaching interests. The Committee reviews this material, and produces a rank list of candidates by the beginning of the spring semester.

Documents provided by the candidates (not letters from sponsors) form the basis for ranking candidates. The rank list of candidates prepared by the Storke-Doherty Committee is reported to the Director and to the Chair of the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences. Either the Director, the Chair, or both, may request once that the Committee reconsider the composition and/or rank order of their list. The rank listing resulting from such reconsideration will then be final. If the Director and/or the Chair are unable to endorse this list, then no award will be made in that cycle. Otherwise, the awards will be made to the highest person on the rank list who accepts the offer.


Review will be the same as for all persons holding the rank of Doherty Associate Research Scientist


Past Awardees:

Year: 2008

Awardee: Natalie Boelman, Biology & Paleo Environment

Year: 2007

Awardee: Jason Smerdon, Ocean & Climate Physics

Year: 2006
Awardee: Tina van de Flierdt, Geochemistry

Year: 2004
Awardee: Del Bohnenstiehl, Marine Geology & Geophysics

Year: 2003
Awardee: Nili Harnik, Ocean& Climate Physics

Year: 2002
Awardee: David Ho, Geochemistry

Year: 2002

Awardee: Thomas Marchitto, Biology & Paleo Environment

Year: 2001
Awardee: Alberto Saal, Geochemistry

Year: 2000
Awardee: Bruno Tremblay, Ocean & Climate Physics

Year: 1999
Awardee: Donna Witter, Ocean & Climate Physics

Year: 1998
Awardee: Einat Aharonov, Seismology, Geology & Tectonophysics

Year: 1997

Awardee: Martin Visbeck, Ocean & Climate Physics

Year: 1996

Awardee: Xiaodong Song, Seismology, Geology & Tectonophysics

Year: 1995

Awardee: Bruce Shaw, Seismology, Geology & Tectonophysics

Year: 1994

Awardee: Neil Driscoll, Marine Geology & Geophysics


Year: 1994

Awardee: Deborah Colodner, Geochemistry

Year: 1993
Awardee: Marc Spiegelman, Seismology, Geology & Tectonophysics