Map of All Gender Restrooms

Below is a map that has been created identifiying the locations of all gender-neutral restrooms at the Lamont campus.  Please note that it is Columbia University policy campus-wide that all students, faculty, staff and visitors should use whichever restroom is most consistent with their gender identiy.  



Building Location Details:

Administration - 1 located on the  2nd floor across from Human Resources office.

Borehole - 2 located at the end of each wing (Nafe & Worzel) on the 2nd floor.

Cafeteria - 1 located in the main cafeteria area; 1 located in the student lounge.

Core Lab - 2 located on the 1st floor near water fountain and side entrance.

Geochemistry - 1 located in the  Marine Polar Tech Center; 2 located in the Geoinformatics wing.

Instrument Lab - 1 located near main door entrance (down the hallway by the offices).

Monell - 1 located near the kitchen area under the auditorium; 1 located in the Director's area.

Ocean Bottom Seismic - 1 located in the main office/kitchen area.

Paleomagnetics - 1  located near front entrance by fire alarm panel.

Tree Ring Lab - 2 located near the back of the building.