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Examples of Earth & Environmental Science Journalism Graduates' Work.

Legacy Site

This site documents work done by students who graduated between 1998 and 2011.  Columbia’s  Earth & Environmental Science Journalism program is not accepting new students at this time.

Here are some examples of work by graduates of the E&ESJ program. These examples were chosen because (a) they are accessible on the web, and (b) they demonstrate the range of kinds of work being done by E&ESJ graduates.

General Audience Magazines (print and online supplments):

Natural Science Focused Magazines (print and online supplments):

Newspapers - print and online supplements:

Special Coverages:

Articles from an investigative five day series entitled In Harm's Way which ran in the Houston Chronicle in early 2005. The series was conceived of by Dina Cappiello who covered environmental issues at the Houston Chronicle from 2002-2007.

Link to a Dina Cappiello's Houston Chronicle blog during her week aboard the Research Vessek Gyre where she joined 21 scientists from texas A&M University and Louisiana State University hunting for "the dead zone" in the Gulf of Mexico.

Web-based Publications:

Special Media

Graphic displays of data and information are a critical piece of many publications. With publication space, and reader time in short supply, publications are finding that graphics and visual displays are an efficient way to convey complex ideas.

Multimedia journalism pieces have developed prominance as an extension of print journalism. Follow up investigation and in depth interviews to investigative pieces are often presented as video clips or narrated slide presentations.

Outreach For Science Initiatives and Science Institutions:

Book Contributions:

Radio Clips

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