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Private support is critical to Lamont-Doherty's long-term success in finding solutions to the challenges facing our planet. Your gift to the Observatory ensures that our scientists and students continue to do vital research that increases our scientific knowledge, informs public policy and addresses pressing environmental issues. Please, make a gift today.

Science to Sustain the Planet

Our scientists are dedicated to examing the workings of our planet. For more than 60 years, they have been leaders in Earth science, conducting research that has led to seminal breakthroughs across a broad array of topics to improve our understanding of the world and enhance the quality of our lives. From the evolution of the planet to the causes and impacts of climate change to natural disaster mitigation, researchers at Lamont-Doherty answer some of the fundamental questions of our time.

Our commitment to expanding knowledge about the earth extends to educating the next generation of scientists. Observatory researchers mentor a large cohort of graduate students from around the world and lead education and outreach projects for learners of all ages.

With your support, we can continue to revolutionize the ways Earth science research is conducted, taught and understood.

A Tradition of Scientific Discovery

Since the founding of Lamont-Doherty in 1949, Observatory researchers have made many significant contributions to Earth science. Our scientists were the first to:

    * Provide definitive evidence to support the theory of plate tectonics and continental drift
    * Explain the role of large-scale ocean circulation systems in abrupt climate change
    * Systematically study and create a global topographic map of the oceans
    * Predict extreme weather associated with an El Niño event
    * Detect and monitor nuclear explosions using seismometers as part of the
      Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty

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