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Lamont Weekly Report – July 6, 2007

P.O. Box 1000, 61 Route 9W Palisades, New York 10964


- Letter from the Director


Monell Building, P.O. Box 1000, 61 Route 9W, Palisades, New York 10964


- Recent B & G Projects

- Letter from the Director


Borehole Project; The 'Links'

(May) - Water shut off valve for Borehole needs to be replaced. Valve
and piping have been exposed and parts are being ordered. Tentative
schedule for replacement is Sat. June 9th. This will require shutting
down water to Borehole as well as Monell, Administration and the
Cafeteria in order to isolate the valve.
(June) Replace main water valve to Borehole. Regrade ,topsoil and
seed lawn South side of House # 8.

Borehole Project Phase Three; The Main Building

(May) - Room 101; Primed all sheetrock and in hallway outside computer
room. Installed two new windows. Reinstalled suspended ceiling and
light fixtures in hallway. Plywood floor. Waiting for Orange and
Rockland Utilities to remove an old transformer.

(June) =96 Orange and Rockland removed transformer.
Rooms 106-109 Seismology

(May) - Phase 3 (hallway, additional office renovation) remains.

(June) - Met with various contractors but still working on scope of

CIESIN Geoscience

(May) - Built shelving units for Room 202 Geoscience.

Two rooms for Chris Zappa in 206 Oceanography
June - Remove old ceilings/light fixtures in two inner spaces.
Install new suspended ceilings with new light fixtures. Install
additional electric, paint rooms and tile floors using anti-static
tile. Assemble benches and shelving units. Job complete.


Replaced heat pump room 66 Geochemistry
Installed window A/C Room 9 Geochemistry
Pressure washing, sanding and staining of picnic tables underway
Replaced condensing unit 202 Seismology
Replaced A/C in telephone Equipment Room
Topsoil and reseeded entrance road
Waterproof stone/masonry Borehole

Replaced heat pump room 51 Walker wing
Replaced heat pump room 54 Walker wing
Replaced A/C cafeteria kitchen
Cleaned and stained all gray picnic tables
Replaced boards as needed, pressure washed all decks monell.
Restained North deck and deck outside the Auditorium Monell. Working
on two remaining decks


In August 2005 Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory was awarded an $18
million dollar gift to fund the construction of a new state-of-the-
art Geochemistry Laboratory Building. In October 2006, 2 weeks after
we broke ground on the new building site, the building's benefactor
and long-time friend of the Observatory, Mr. Gary C. Comer passed
away. Now, in recognition of all that Mr. Comer made possible through
his visionary support of abrupt climate change research, I am pleased
to announce that the board of directors of the Comer Science and
Education Foundation has decided they would like to name the building
in his honor, the Gary C. Comer Geochemistry Building.

As part of this gift and in recognition of the friendship and
productive working relationship of Mr. Comer and Wallace S. Broecker,
the foundation has also requested that, upon his retirement, a suite
of laboratories should be named the Wallace S. Broecker Laboratories
and a display should be created that highlights Professor Broecker's
outstanding contributions to the field of climate science.

Progress with the building continues on schedule and planning for the
grand ribbon-cutting event on November 30th is beginning - so hold
that day on your calendar - it will be a special day for our campus.

Speaking of special days, I only found out yesterday myself, so
I believe I am uniquely qualified to spread the happy news as widely as
possible ...

Bob Anderson is getting married tomorrow, in Spain.

I am sure everyone will join me in sending best wishes to Bob and
his bride Mary-Elena.

July 4th was an interesting one for me this year. I tried very hard,
but failed, using a very large sharp knife, to remove the tip of the
middle finger on my left hand. My penance was to spend much of the
afternoon in the confusion of the Emergency Room at Nyack hospital -
always an interesting window into aspects of human behavior that one
would prefer never to learn about.

Anyway - it's a beautiful day, and we are one week closer to getting
a new President (of the U.S.A., that is).

So have a great weekend,

- Mike


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