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Lamont Weekly Report – July 13, 2007

P.O. Box 1000, 61 Route 9W Palisades, New York 10964


- Letter from the Director



Bob Houghton is retiring after 30 years of service at Lamont. Our

research efforts in coastal oceanography will be less strong because

of this but we are happy that Bob will continue as a Special

Research Scientist. Please join everyone Friday, July 20th at 3pm in

Room 202 Oceanography to thank Bob for his contributions and wish him

well in his retirement. Very unfortunately I shall be away next

week, so I shall have to depend upon everyone else to give Bob the

recognition that he deserves.


With Jeff Weissel's, retirement and Roger Buck's appointment as MG&G

Associate Director, we have had to make a number of significant new

Committee appointments. John Diebold will take over Jeff's role as

Chair of the Instrument Lab Oversight committee. Suzanne Carbotte

will replace Roger on the Promotions and Careers Committee, and Felix

Waldhauser will assume Jeff's very important role as Chair of the

Computer Oversight Committee.


In March I announced the creation of a Lamont Service award to to

recognize the crucial and essential role our administrators play in

enabling the science and research to go forward. After a process that

spanned several months, we have chosen to bestow two awards because

the group of nominees was so strong. The individuals nominated for

the Lamont Service award include:


Karen Bocsusis, Travel


Kathy Carlsen, Human Resources


Dick Greco, Buildings and Grounds


Paula Kolacia, Travel


Jenn Laird, ADVANCE


Mia Leo, DEES


Ray Long, Safety and Security


Sally Odland, Marine Geology and Geophysics


Maribel Respo, Grants and Contracts


Catherine Tozer, Geochemistry


Stacey Vassallo, Development


We are planning an awards luncheon to honor this group of

exceptionally talented and dedicated administrators. In addition to

the luncheon for the group I will present the Lamont Service Award at

the State of the Observatory presentation on October 12th so we can

all take a moment to congratulate the nominees and the winners.


The winners of the first annual Lamont Service Award are:


Dick Greco


The Travel Office: Karen Bocsusis and Paula Kolacia.


Please join me in extending congratulations and a heartfelt thank

you to ALL of the nominees.


As I say, I will be away next week - sailing a small boat on a big

ocean - an act of folly that brings joy and satisfaction beyond



Have a good weekend,




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