Section 1 Papers

1. Seismic Regional Characterization and Wave PropagationToC
1-01Ammon, C. and M. Maceira
3D Modeling of Iran and Surrounding Areas from Simultaneous Inversion of Multiple Geophysical Datasets
1-02Baker, D., W. Kim, H. Patton, G. Randall, and P. Richards
Improvements to a Major Digital Archive of Seismic Waveforms from Nuclear Explosions: the Borovoye Seismogram Archive
1-03Bergman, E., E. Engdahl, M. Ritzwoller, and S. Myers
Crustal Structure from In-Country and Ground-Truth Data
1-04Bonner, J., D. Harkrider, J. Britton, and J. Orrey
Modeling Regional Seismic Phases and Coda from Earthquakes and Explosions Using Generalized Fourier Methods in 2D/3D
1-05Ferris, A., D. Reiter, and K. Murphy
Improved Phase Characterization of Far-Regional Body Wave Arrivals in Central Asia
1-06Fisk, M. and W. Phillips
A Stepwise, Iterative Procedure to Constrain Stress Drop, Regional Attenuation Models, and Site Effects
1-07Gerstoft, P., J. Zhang, and S. Taylor
Estimating Bodywave Arrivals and Attenuation from Seismic Noise
1-08Hauser, J., K. Dyer, M. Pasyanos, H. Bungum, J. Faleide, and S. Clark
Development and Tuning of a 3-D Stochastic Inversion Methodology to the European Arctic
1-09Hipp, J., M. Chang, M. Gonzales, B. Lawry, A. Encarnacao, and G. Barker
Global 3D Seismic Tomography Using Multi-Core Distributed Memory Parallel Computers
1-10Julia, J., A. Nyblade, S. Hansen, A. Rodgers, and E. Matzel
Developing Regionalized Models of Lithospheric Thickness and Velocity Structure Across Eurasia and the Middle East from Jointly Inverting P-Wave and S-Wave Receiver Functions with Rayleigh Wave Group and Phase Velocities
1-11Lay, T., X. Xie, and X. Yang
Development of Regional Phase Tomographic Attenuation Models for Eurasia
1-12Maceira, M., C. Rowe, H. Zhang, R. Modrak, M. Begnaud, L. Steck, G. Randall, and X. Yang
Advanced Multivariate Inversion Techniques for High Resolution 3D Geophysical Modeling
1-13Mackey, K. and H. Hartse
Analysis of Digitized Seismograms from Russian Geophysical Survey Stations of Soviet Peaceful Nuclear Explosions
1-14Mackey, K., K. Fujita, H. Hartse, M. Begnaud, and M. Pasyanos
Seismic and Geophysical Characterization of Northern Asia
1-15Martin, R., L. Gulen, Y. Sun, and M. Toksoz
Extension of the Caucasus Seismic Information Network Study Into Central Asia
1-16Mellors, R., R. Gok, M. Pasyanos, G. Skobeltsyn, E. Sandvol, U. Teoman, G. Yetirmishli, and T. Godoladze
High-Resolution Seismic Velocity and Attenuation Models of the Caucasus-Caspian Region
1-17Nabelek, J., J. Braunmiller, and W. Phillips
Source and Path Calibration in Regions of Poor Crustal Propagation Using Temporary, Large-Aperture, High-Resolution Seismic Arrays
1-18Nowack, R., W. Chen, and T. Tseng
Frequency-Dependent Nature of Pn in Western China
1-19Pulliam, J., M. Sen, N. Simmons, and M. Pasyanos
Seismic Velocity Estimation in the Middle East from Multiple Waveform Functionals: P & S Receiver Functions, Waveform Fitting, and Surface Wave Dispersion
1-20Reiter, D., W. Rodi, and S. Myers
Estimating the Uncertainty and Predictive Capabilities of Three-Dimensional Earth Models
1-21Savage, B., D. Peter, B. Covellone, A. Rodgers, and J. Tromp
Progress Towards Next Generation, Waveform Based Three-Dimensional Models and Metrics to Improve Nuclear Explosion Monitoring in the Middle East
1-22Shen, Y., W. Zhang, Z. Zhang, L. Zhao, and X. Yang
Unified Regional Tomography and Source Moment Tensor Inversions Based on Finite-Difference Strain Green Tensor Databases
1-23Simmons, N., S. Myers, and A. Ramirez
Multi-Resolution Seismic Tomography Based on a Recursive Tessellation Hierarchy
1-24Song, X., Z. Xu, X. Sun, S. Zheng, Y. Yang, and M. Ritzwoller
Surface Wave Dispersion Measurements and Tomography from Ambient Seismic Noise Correlation in China
1-25Stump, B., R. Burlacu, C. Hayward, T. Kim, S. Arrowsmith, R. Zhou, and K. Pankow
Seismo-Acoustic Generation by Earthquakes and Explosions and Near-Regional Propagation
1-26Toksoz, M., R. Van der Hilst, Y. Sun, H. Zhang, X. Zeng, and S. Pei
Seismic Tomography of the Arabian-Eurasian Collision Zone and Surrounding Areas
1-27Young, C., S. Ballard, J. Hipp, M. Chang, J. Lewis, C. Rowe, and M. Begnaud
A Global 3D P-Velocity Model of the Earth's Crust and Mantle for Improved Event Location
1-28Zhang, H., K. Mackey, K. Fujita, C. Thurber, L. Steck, C. Rowe, S. Roecker, and M. Toksoz
Regional-Scale Differential Time Tomography Methods: Development and Application to the Siberia Data Set

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