Section 2 Papers

2. Seismic Event Detection and LocationToC
2-01Abramovich, I. and T. Zhu
Next Generation Robust Low-Noise Seismometer for Nuclear Monitoring
2-02Brogan, R., S. Nava, R. Read, Y. Jia, N. Brachet, and J. Coyne
Seismo-Acoustic Analysis in the Zalesovo Region of Central Asia
2-03Carr, D., G. Bogart, S. Goodman, P. Baldwin, H. Milburn, and D. Robinson
Development of a Laser Interferometric Miniature Seismometer
2-04Carr, D., M. Resor, C. Young, and M. Procopio
Exploring the Limits of Waveform Correlation Event Detection as Applied to the 1994 Northridge Earthquake Aftershock Sequence
2-05Flanagan, M., S. van der Lee, S. Myers, S. Chang, and M. Pasyanos
Regional Travel-Time and Location Uncertainty Assessment Along the Tethyan Margin Using a New Three-Dimensional P-Velocity Model
2-06Fourguette, D., M. Otugen, L. Larocque, G. Ritter, T. Ioppolo, and D. Hart
Optical MEMS-Based Seismometer
2-07Garcia, C., G. Onaran, B. Avenson, M. Ellis, and N. Hall
Micro-Seismometers via Advanced Meso-Scale Fabrication
2-08Leugoud, R.
Seismic Detection Utilizing a Mini Sensor
2-09Merchant, B. and M. Okandan
An Interferometric MEMS Seismometer: Design and Testing
2-10Myers, S., M. Begnaud, S. Ballard, M. Pasyanos, W. Phillips, A. Ramirez, M. Antolik, K. Hutchenson, G. Wagner, J. Dwyer, and C. Rowe
A Model and Methods for Regional Travel-Time Calculation
2-11Ringdal, F., D. Harris, D. Dodge, and S. Gibbons
Adaptive Waveform Correlation Detectors for Arrays: Algorithms for Autonomous Calibration
2-12Ringdal, F., D. Harris, T. Kvaerna, and S. Gibbons
Expanding Coherent Array Processing to Larger Apertures Using Empirical Matched Field Processing
2-13Ritzwoller, M., M. Barmin, A. Levshin, and Y. Yang
Epicentral Location of Regional Seismic Events Based on Empirical Green's Functions from Ambient Noise
2-14Rodi, W., D. Reiter, S. Myers, and N. Simmons
A Unified Approach to Joint Regional/Teleseismic Calibration and Event Location with a 3D Earth Model
2-15Rowe, C., S. Ballard, M. Begnaud, C. Young, L. Steck, and J. Hipp
Validating 3D Geophysical Models for use in Global Travel-Time Calculation for Improved Event Locations