Section 3 Papers

3. Seismic Identification and Source CharacterizationToC
3-01Abercrombie, R., K. Mayeda, W. Walter, G. Viegas, and R. Gok
Seismic Source Scaling and Discrimination in Diverse Tectonic Environments
3-02Anderson, D.
Sources of Error: Regional Amplitude and Teleseismic Magnitude Discriminants
3-03Arrowsmith, M., B. Stump, S. Arrowsmith, and M. Hedlin
Mining Explosion Identification and Discriminant Assessment in Two Unique Regions
3-04Bonner, J., A. Stroujkova, R. Shumway, R. Herrmann, and D. Anderson
Incorporating Love- and Rayleigh-Wave Magnitudes, Unequal Earthquake and Explosion Variance Assumptions, and Intrastation Complexity for Improved Event Screening
3-05Dreger, D., S. Ford, and W. Walter
Identifying Isotropic Events Using a Regional Moment Tensor Inversion Technique
3-06Fisk, M., S. Taylor, W. Walter, and G. Randall
Seismic Event Discrimination Using Two-Dimensional Grids of Regional P/S Spectral Ratios: Applications to Novaya Zemlya and the Korean Peninsula
3-07Ford, S., W. Walter, S. Ruppert, E. Matzel, T. Hauk, and R. Gok
Towards an Empirically Based Parametric Explosion Spectral Model
3-08Julia, J., A. Nyblade, R. Gok, W. Walter, L. Linzer, and R. Durrheim
Developing and Exploiting a Unique Dataset from South African Gold Mines for Source Characterization and Wave Propagation
3-09Leidig, M., R. Martin, P. Boyd, J. Bonner, and A. Stroujkova
Quantification of Rock Damage from Small Explosions and its Effect on Shear-Wave Generation: Phase I—Homogenous Crystalline Rock
3-10Mayeda, K.
Small Event Yield and Source Characterization Using Local P and S-wave Coda Source Spectra
3-11Murphy, J. and B. Barker
An Analysis of the Seismic Source Characteristics of Explosions in Low-Coupling Dry Porous Media
3-12Pasyanos, M., W. Walter, E. Matzel, A. Rodgers, S. Ford, R. Gok, and J. Sweeney
Improving Earthquake-Explosion Discrimination Using Attenuation Models of the Crust and Upper Mantle
3-13Patton, H.
Explosion Source Model Development in Support of Seismic Monitoring Technologies: Applications of New Models for Shock-Induced Tensile Failure
3-14Phillips, W., X. Yang, G. Randall, H. Hartse, and R. Stead
Regional Phase Attenuation Tomography for Central and Eastern Asia
3-15Rodgers, A., O. Vorobiev, A. Petersson, B. Sjogreen, and M. Avants
Toward End-To-End Seismic Simulations for Nuclear Explosion Monitoring
3-16Sammis, C., H. Bhat, and A. Rosakis
Numerical Modeling of S-Wave Generation by Fracture Damage in Underground Nuclear Explosions
3-17Srinivasan, C., Y. Willy, and P. Nawani
Source Parameters of Seismic Events in the Mines of Kolar Gold Fields
3-18Stevens, J. and H. Xu
Wave Propagation from Complex 3D Sources Using the Representation Theorem
3-19Stroujkova, A. and J. Bonner
Improving Ms:mb Discrimination Using Maxmimum Likelihood Estimation: Application to Middle East Earthquake Data
3-20Stroujkova, A., J. Bonner, X. Yang, B. Stump, and W. Walter
Source Mechanisms for Explosions in Barre Granite