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Time and Location: Mondays at 1 pm, Comer Seminar Room


Next seminar:

02/05/18: Billy D'Andrea, LDEO

"A High Arctic Perspective on Holocene Climate Change"


The Arctic is ground zero for future climate warming due to a number of important amplification processes that exist at high latitudes. Changes within the Arctic cryosphere, atmosphere, and ocean also impact climate at lower latitudes, through teleconnections within the climate system. During the past few years, we have been recovering lake sediment cores from throughout the Svalbard Archipelago and using these sedimentary records to document the Holocene climate history of this sensitive sector of the High Arctic, which is an important gateway for the exchange of heat between the North Atlantic and Arctic. Using a combination of approaches, we have developed continuous records of summer temperature, glacier activity, isotopes in precipitation, and the varying size of marine seabird populations, all of which document the dynamic natural climate variability of the region during the past 12,000 years. In this talk, I will present a number of the climate records we have developed and explore what they indicate about the past behavior of the Arctic climate system.


Spring 2018:

Date Speaker Title
Jan 29th Dan Sousa
Coupled Spatiotemporal Characterization of Monsoon Cloud Cover and Vegetation Phenology
Feb 5th Billy D'Andrea
A High Arctic Perspective on Holocene Climate Change
Feb 12th TBD
Feb 19th   no seminar
Feb 26th Robert Poirier
Mar 5th Sophie Charvet
Mar 12th   no seminar
Mar 19th Kathleen Johnson
Mar 26th Lora Stevens
Apr 2nd Maria Gandolfo
Apr 9th Anne Cohen
Apr 16th Jennifer Cherrier
Apr 23rd Trevor Porter
Apr 30th Erika Wise
UNC-Chapel Hill
May 4th Michael O'Connor
Texas A&M
May 7th Adriane Lam