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Current Seminar Manager: Samuel Phelps

Time and Location: Mondays at 12 pm, Comer Seminar Room

10/5/15: Tammo Reichgelt, postdoctoral scholar, LDEO

"A short-lived rise in pCO2 at the Oligocene/Miocene boundary? New evidence from a terrestrial archive."



Plants mediate gas-exchange with the atmosphere at the cellular level through stomatal openings. Stomatal conductance is a balancing act between the uptake of CO2 and the loss of water. Therefore, in many plants, stomatal conductance is a plastic feature, changing in concert with environmental factors such as light, water and carbon availability. Deep-time terrestrial sedimentary records containing organically preserved plants are exceedingly rare, but are invaluable archives or gas-exchange information, and thereby providing a proxy for paleoenvironment. I will present on a 120 kyr record at the Oligocene/Miocene boundary from southern New Zealand, discuss the paleoenvironmental setting, as well as what stomatal conductance from plant fossils at this site implies for ancient CO2 levels. 

Fall 2015:

  • 9/21/15: 
  • 9/28/15: Andre Bahr
  • 10/5/15: Tammo Reichgelt, LDEO, "A short-lived rise in pCO2 at the Oligocene/Miocene boundary? New evidence from a terrestrial archive." 
  • 10/12/15: Columbus Day Holiday, no talk
  • 10/19/15: Lars B. 
  • 10/26/15: Zunli Lu, Syracuse. Host: Kara Dennis 
  • 11/2/15: Sam Bova, Brown University. Host: Sam Phelps
  • 11/9/15: Andy Cohen, University of Arizona. Host: Peter deMenocal
  • 11/16/15: Darren Larsen, University of Pittsburgh. Host: Pratigya Polissar
  • 11/23/15: Senji Lin, University of Connecticut. Host: Joaquim Goes.
  • 11/30/15: Bronwen Konecky, University of Colorado, Boulder. Host: Sam Phelps.
  • 12/7/15: Sarah Ivory, Brown University. 

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