Biology & Paleo Environment Seminars


 Spring 2021 Schedule 

Unless otherwise specified, BPE seminars are held virtually every Monday at 1:00 p.m. EST

Recordings may be available upon request from the committee.

Date Speaker, Institution

Seminar title

January 25

Clara Rodíguez Morata

Lamont Postdoctoral research scientist

ENSO and  rainfall-related disasters in the Peruvian Central Andes

February 1

Aleksey Sadekov

University of Western Australia

Expanding the application of geochemistry to environmental and paleoclimate science using laser ablation mass spectrometry

February 8

Jessie K. Pearl

United States Geological Survey

Late Holocene coastal evolution and climate variability in the United States

February 15

Gabi Serrato Marks


Expanding Access for Disabled Geoscientists

February 22

Imari Walker

Duke University

Release and transformation of polymer additives into aquatic systems from plastics and nanocomposites

March 1 Spring break  
March 8

Bethany Williams

NOAA National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science

Using Acoustic Telemetry to understand connectivity of a National Marine Sanctuary to the U.S. Atlantic Coastal Ocean
March 15

Characterizing microbial cycling of trace metals and vitamins in Antarctic coastal seas via tracers and proteomics

March 22

Deidre Gibson  

University of Maryland Eastern Shore

DOLIOLID BLOOMS: What are the driving variables? Investigation of Trophic Interactions and their in situ Diet

March 29

Grayson Badgley

Columbia University/Black Rock Forest 

Remote sensing of the terrestrial carbon cycle

April 5

Enquye Negash

George Washington University

Woody cover and hominin environments

April 12

Hussein Sayani

Georgia Tech

April 19

Nagissa Mahmoudi

Mcgill University 

April 26    
*Wednesday* April 28

Raquel Bryant

Texax A&M University 

Paleoceanography of the Western Interior Seaway during the onset of Late Cenomanian OAE2: evidence from microfossil assemblages


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