Frank O. Nitsche

Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
of Columbia University
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Research Interests and Projects

My research is focused on imaging and visualizing complex subsurface structures, especially sedimentary features, and understanding the related sedimentary processes that generated these features. I am interested in the whole range of glacial, estuarine, shelf and slope processes and how sediment is transported from the land across the shelf to the ocean. I am studying these processes by applying a variety of geophysical techniques including acoustic imaging, 2D and 3D reflection seismic and ground-penetrating radar, and magnetics. Using GIS I integrate the results of different geophysical measurements with additional information such as sediment samples and bottom observations.


Previous and present projects include:

LIS gravity corer Long Island Sound Mapping
AmundsenMap Amundsen Sea Bathymetry
HudsonRiver Hudson River Benthic Mapping
Polarstern Marine and glacialmarine sedimentation processes along the Westantarctic continental margin
TappanZee3D GIS and Data Visualization of Hudson River Data

3D-mapping of glacial and glacial-fluvial deposits in alpine valleys


Classification of acoustic data


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