The research group


Jacky Austermann
CV can be found here (12/15/2020)

Graduate Students

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Roger Creel            Andrew Hollyday
3rd year PhD student        2nd year PhD student


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Kerry Callaghan             Guy Paxman                Andrew Lloyd           Oana Dumitru
                   co-advised K. Tinto                              co-advised M. Raymo

Research Staff


Konstantin Latychev       
Staff Scientist             

Past members of the group

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Cameron Book            Cody Randel             Kai Morsink            Bridget Craig
Research Assistant (2018)     Research Assistant (2018)    Research Ass. (2019-2020)   Undergraduate thesis (2019-2020)
                      Now at Lamont          Now at Harvard University


Mark Hoggard
Postdoc (2018-2020)
Now at ANU

Jacky Austermann
Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences
Columbia University
Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory

email: jackya [at] ldeo [dot] columbia [dot] edu