Petrified Forest Core
(updated 11/13)

map of the Colorado Plateau showing Petrified Forest National Park Projected Core

Left, Map of the Colorado Plateau (outline) showing outcrop distriution of Triassic age strata and Petrified Forest National Park. Right, Projected units and thickness of Triassic and overlying strata in the Petrifid Forest Core as known in August 2013 (bft, Black Forest Bed with a U-Pb date of 209.9260.072, Ramezani 2011).

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History:  Description & Science Questions, Site Selection, Funding and Support
News and Pictures from On-Site, Nature News Article, CPCP Facebook Page, National Geographic Blog Report; Petrified Forest Nat'l Park, Chinleana
Cores:  Core and Site 1a, Cores and Sites 2a and 2b
On-site video for the ICDP Science Meeting 11/11
Time lapse video of coring operation set-up
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