We intend to make available the major contributions of the early researchers (Edward Hitchcock, Richard Swann Lull, C. H. Hitchcock, and James Deane). These works are out of print, no longer under copyright, and difficult to find in libraries! We hope you will find them useful.

The articles are in pdf format, and are essentially facsimiles of the originals, for the most part with very little reformatting. Oversize figures have been reduced to fit on a single page for ease of printing, with the scaling noted on the page. The full-size versions are also included. The figures have speckling and are not pristine - the originals from which they were scanned are in varying states of decay and disintegration! I have no plans to update the files with "clean" copies.

For papers by members of the Triassic-Jurassic Working Group, you will need decompression software.


Bibliographies of Newark Supergroup footprint papers
Papers by members of the Triassic-Jurassic Working Group

All papers, written between 1836-2000, related to Newark Supergroup footprints

Facsimiles of key publications
Edward Hitchcock
C.H. Hitchcock
James Deane
Richard Swann Lull
Lexicons of stratigraphic names
Newark Supergroup, Hartford and Newark basins


Edward Hitchcock
1848.  An attempt to discriminate and describe the animals that made the fossil footmarks of the United States, and especially of New England.
American Academy of Arts & Sciences Memoir (n.s.) 3:129-256.

1858.  Ichnology of New England: A report on the sandstone of the Connecticut Valley, especially it's fossil footmarks.
Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 220 pp.

1865.  Supplement to the Ichnology of New England.
Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 96 pp.

C. H. Hitchcock

1859. A synopsis of the genera and species of the Lithichnozoa in the Hitchcock Ichnological Museum of Amherst College. Unpublished document, Pratt Museum of Natural History, Amherst College.
James Deane
1861. Ichnographs from the sandstone of Connecticut River.
Little, Brown and Co., Boston, Mass., 61 p.

Richard Swann Lull

1915. Triassic Life of the Connecticut Valley.
State of Connecticut, State Geological and Natural History Survey Bulletin 24:1-285.

1953.  Triassic Life of the Connecticut Valley.
State of Connecticut, State Geological and Natural History Survey Bulletin 81, 336 pp.

This monograph is still in print and can be purchased directly from the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection. The DEP kindly gave us permission to reproduce this pdf facsimile of the monograph and make it available for free download.


Lexicons of stratigraphic names

The names of the various stratigraphic units in the Newark Supergroup have changed several times since Edward Hitchcock and Richard Swann Lull wrote their works. These lexicons are provided so that you can determine the current stratigraphic terminology for Hitchcock and Lull's footprint and bone horizons.

Hartford Basin Lexicon

Newark Basin Lexicon

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