Regional methane emissions in Alaska

Ecosystem and regional scale methane fluxes in Alaska

February 2017

Under the umbrella of the NASA CARVE project, methane fluxes have been measured at various scales. These studies have examined different aspects of the overall methane budget of Alaska. 

Zona et al., 2016 (overview), found that about 50% of methane emissions from the North Slope of Alaska was emitted during the cold season (Sept - May in northern Alaska). In Zona et al. (2016), we calculated the regional scale methane fluxes for the North Slope of Alaska from methane data measured on the NASA Sherpa aircraft during the CARVE project. 

Other studies calculated methane fluxes for the larger region of Alaska using a variety of techniques: Chang et al., 2014 calculated methane fluxes from column measurements for 2012 for ecoregions in Alaska. Hartery et al., 2017 extended this column analysis from 2012 through 2014, while Miller et al., 2016 used Geostatistical Inverse Modeling (GIM) techniques to calculate regional fluxes for 2012-2014. 


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