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The icePod Project provides an excellent opportunity to engage students in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM), connecting students with science research that tackles a contemporary and high profile issue. The development of instruments and a mechanism to collect measurements of the polar regions as they respond to a changing climate makes the project work 'real' and relevant to students. We will leverage this opportunity to build a diverse network of future scientists, engineers and instrumentalists, with a representation from groups currently underrepresented in these fields. For our STEM Careers activity click here.

IcePod will recruit undergraduate students as summer interns to assist with the design, construction, testing and data analysis of the system. The undergraduate students will work with the scientists and engineers in order to
develop a broader view and understanding of the system.

We will work with an advisory group of educators to engage Middle and High School students in STEM through the following mechanisms:

  • In the development of hands-on models of some of the icePod instrumentation we will engage the students in a deeper understanding of the both sampling that is being done and the instruments that are being designed. (Engineering/Technology)
  • In the development of a nested set of curriculum explorations we will support the students towards a better understanding of the physical processes driving the changes that are occurring in our polar regions. (Science)
  • In working directly with the IcePod data students will apply math, science and critical thinking skills to frame, measure and examine real world science problems. (Math, Science)
  • Through community events, teacher and student workshops, and targeted student interactions students will gain a better understanding of STEM careers through connecting members of the IcePod team with the public. (STEM)

To link directly to our Polar Activities for this project and other events go to our Polar Education or our Polar Outreach sites.

New York Air National Guard at a community open house event.







This project is funded through NSF research grant #ANT 0958658 under the MRI initiative | contact us | web master
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