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Arctic Rosette, a development effort for Schlosser, Smethie, et al. The first field program was in 2004. (NSF) A trace gas tight water sampling rosette and CTD with surface triggered sampling for use through small holes in sea ice.
Seafloor Sounding in Polar and Remote Regions (SSPARR) (w/ M. Rognstad, L. Mayer, and R.M Anderson) (NSF) An expendable autonomous echo sounder for use in the open and ice covered oceans.

Marine Geoscience Data Management system for a collection of science programs including Ridge2000, Margins, MCS, multibeam. (w/ Carbotte, Ryan, Shank, Lenhert, Arko, Kastens, et. al.) (NSF)


Data Link

Ridge 2000 Office


USCG Healy

Healy lab upgrade drawing

Photos from HLY03Td & 02

Healy POS/MV installation

Ice liberty in during HLY0402 (about a hundred miles NNW of Barrow, AK)

R/V Ewing Multibeam Support R/V Ewing


Research Vessel Technical Enhancement Committee.

Arctic Icebreaker Coordinating Committee

RVTEC web home RVTEC

UNOLS web home UNOLS

AICC web page AICC

Multibeam systems on UNOLS Ships

MB-System (w/ Caress) (NSF) MB-System
MB-System Cookbook (w/ Caress and Schmidt) (NSF) MB-System Cookbook
Air Particle Sampling for Steve Chillrud

 Air Particle Sampling

Micro Air Sampler (MAS) Concept

Lamont Warehouse

Lamont Warehouse renovation (a work in progress)

Lamont Instrument Lab We have made substantial progress on updating our capabilities. We have added three new CNC machines, a new drill press, two new welding machines, built and outfitted a surface mount circuit board shop, and a pressure and temperature test facility. We are in the process of adding more staging and integration lab space.


Other Projects:

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