Dr. Naomi H. Naik

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Naomi's Work Site

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Refereed Publications by Naomi Naik

1. Seager, R., M. Ting, M. Davis, M. Cane, N. Naik(Henderson), J. Nakamura, C. Li, E. Cook and D. W. Stahle, 2009: Mexican drought: an observational modeling and tree ring study of variability and climate change. Atmosfera, 22(1): 1-31. PDF ABS
2. Seager, R., R. Burgman, Y. Kushnir, A. Clement, E. Cook, N. Naik(Henderson) and J. Miller, 2008: Tropical Pacific Forcing of North American Medieval Megadroughts: Testing the Concept with an Atmosphere Model Forced by Coral-Reconstructed SSTs. Journal of Climate, 21(23): 6175-6190. PDF ABS
3. Seager, R., Y. Kushnir, M. Ting, M. Cane, N. Naik(Henderson) and J. Miller, 2008: Would advance knowledge of 1930s SSTs have allowed prediction of the dust bowl drought? Journal of Climate, 21(13): 3261-3281. PDF ABS
4. Seager, R., M. F. Ting, I. Held, Y. Kushnir, J. Lu, G. Vecchi, H. P. Huang, N. Harnik, A. Leetmaa, N. C. Lau, C. H. Li, J. Velez(Nakamura) and N. Naik(Henderson), 2007: Model projections of an imminent transition to a more arid climate in southwestern North America. Science, 316(5828): 1181-1184. PDF ABS
5. Gildor, H. and N. H. Naik(Henderson), 2005: Evaluating the effect of interannual variations of surface chlorophyll on upper ocean temperature. Journal of Geophysical Research-Oceans, 110(C07012): doi:10.1029/2004JC002779. PDF ABS
6. Seager, R., Y. Kushnir, C. Herweijer, N. Naik(Henderson) and J. Velez(Nakamura), 2005: Modeling of tropical forcing of persistent droughts and pluvials over western North America: 1856-2000. Journal of Climate, 18(19): 4065-4088. PDF ABS
7. Hazeleger, W., R. Seager, M. A. Cane and N. H. Naik(Henderson), 2004: How can tropical Pacific Ocean heat transport vary? Journal of Physical Oceanography, 34(1): 320-333. PDF ABS
8. Emile-Geay, J., M. A. Cane, N. H. Naik(Henderson), R. Seager, A. C. Clement and A. van Geen, 2003: Warren revisited: Atmospheric freshwater fluxes and "Why is no deep water formed in the North Pacific''. Journal of Geophysical Research-Oceans, 108(C6): 3178, doi: 10.1029/2001JC001058. PDF ABS
9. Seager, R., R. Murtugudde, N. H. Naik(Henderson), A. Clement, N. Gordon and J. Miller(Nakamura), 2003: Air-sea interaction and the seasonal cycle of the subtropical anticyclones. Journal of Climate, 16(12): 1948-1966. PDF ABS
10. Seager, R., D. S. Battisti, J. Yin, N. Gordon, N. H. Naik(Henderson), A. C. Clement and M. A. Cane, 2002: Is the Gulf Stream responsible for Europe's mild winters? Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, 128(586): 2563-2586. PDF ABS
11. Hazeleger, W., M. Visbeck, M. A. Cane, A. R. Karspeck and N. H. Naik(Henderson), 2001: Decadal upper ocean temperature variability in the tropical Pacific. Journal of Geophysical Research-Oceans, 106(C5): 8971-8988. PDF ABS
12. Hazeleger, W., R. Seager, M. Visbeck, N. H. Naik(Henderson) and K. Rodgers, 2001: Impact of the midlatitude storm track on the upper Pacific Ocean. Journal of Physical Oceanography, 31(2): 616-636. PDF ABS
13. Seager, R., Y. Kushnir, N. H. Naik(Henderson), M. A. Cane and J. Miller(Nakamura), 2001: Wind-driven shifts in the latitude of the Kuroshio-Oyashio Extension and generation of SST anomalies on decadal timescales. Journal of Climate, 14(22): 4249-4265. PDF ABS
14. Seager, R., Y. Kushnir, P. Chang, N. H. Naik(Henderson), J. Miller(Nakamura) and W. Hazeleger, 2001: Looking for the role of the ocean in tropical Atlantic decadal climate variability. Journal of Climate, 14(5): 638-655. LINK PDF ABS
15. Huang, R. X., M. A. Cane, N. H. Naik(Henderson) and P. Goodman, 2000: Global adjustment of the thermocline in response to deepwater formation. Geophysical Research Letters, 27(6): 759-762. PDF ABS
16. Israeli, M., N. H. Naik(Henderson) and M. A. Cane, 2000: An unconditionally stable scheme for the shallow water equations. Monthly Weather Review, 128(3): 810-823. PDF ABS
17. Kleeman, R., N. H. Naik(Henderson) and M. A. Cane, 2000: Meridional location of the Pacific ocean subtropical gyre. Journal of Physical Oceanography, 30(8): 1988-2000. PDF ABS
18. Rodgers, K. B., D. P. Schrag, M. A. Cane and N. H. Naik(Henderson), 2000: The bomb C-14 transient in the Pacific Ocean. Journal of Geophysical Research-Oceans, 105(C4): 8489-8512. PDF ABS
19. Seager, R., Y. Kushnir, M. Visbeck, N. H. Naik(Henderson), J. Miller(Nakamura), G. Krahmann and H. Cullen, 2000: Causes of Atlantic Ocean climate variability between 1958 and 1998. Journal of Climate, 13(16): 2845-2862. LINK PDF ABS
20. Levy, M., M. Visbeck and N. H. Naik(Henderson), 1999: Sensitivity of primary production to different eddy parameterizations: A case study of the spring bloom development in the northwestern Mediterranean Sea. Journal of Marine Research, 57(3): 427-448. PDF ABS
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22. Visbeck, M., H. Cullen, G. Krahmann and N. H. Naik(Henderson), 1998: An ocean model's response to North Atlantic Oscillation-like wind forcing. Geophysical Research Letters, 25(24): 4521-4524. LINK PDF ABS
23. Eshel, G. and N. H. Naik(Henderson), 1997: Climatological coastal jet collision, intermediate water formation, and the general circulation of the Red Sea. Journal of Physical Oceanography, 27(7): 1233-1257. PDF ABS
24. Krupitsky, A., V. M. Kamenkovich, N. H. Naik(Henderson) and M. A. Cane, 1996: A linear equivalent barotropic model of the Antarctic circumpolar current with realistic coastlines and bottom topography. Journal of Physical Oceanography, 26(9): 1803-1824. PDF ABS
25. Naik(Henderson), N. H., M. A. Cane, S. Basin and M. Israeli, 1995: A Solver for the Barotropic Mode in the Presence of Variable Topography and Islands. Monthly Weather Review, 123(3): 817-832. ABS
26. Naik(Henderson), N. H. , V. K. Naik and M. Nicoules, 1993: Parallelization of a Class of Implicit Finite Difference Schemes in Computational Fluid Dynamics. International Journal of High Speed Computing, 5(1): 1-50.
27. Naik(Henderson), N. H. and J. Vanrosendale, 1993: The Improved Robustness of Multigrid Elliptic Solvers Based on Multiple Semicoarsened Grids. Siam Journal on Numerical Analysis, 30(1): 215-229. ABS
28. Naik(Henderson), N. H. , V. K. Naik and M. Nicoules, 1992: Implementation of Implicit Scheme Based CFD Applications on Message Passing Multiprocessor Systems. In: H. Simon (Editor), Parallel CFD: Implementations and Results Using Parallel Computers. MIT Press, Cambridge.
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