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Naomi's Work Site

My Current Web Projects
Abrupt Climate Change research at Lamont
OCP Division Page, including publication and staff databases
North American Drought Research - for R. Seager
Radiocarbon Calibration - for R. Fairbanks
CMDDP Climate Model Data Documentation Project
CAMEL Coupler for the Atmosphere to Multi Element LOAMs
LOAM    the Lamont Ocean-AML GCM
LDEO webpages
LDEO: Homepage | Computer Support | WebMail | Search
OCP webpages
Division Page    Climate Group    Polar Climate Group    Physical Oceanography
Climate Kids Corner    LDEO Open House 2005
Portland Group Compilers
man pages: pgf90   pgf77  pgcc
Data Catalogs
IRI Data Library by B. Blumenthal
Kage's Data Library serves some of our own model output
Njord's Data Library my data catalog
The INGRID User Guide, Function and Variable Index, and Basic Words
J. Velez's INGRID examples for use in the INGRID web browser interface
The statistical tutorial from the IRI has many more examples of using the INGRID interface
Other Useful pages
Senya Basin's documentation with many useful utilities, including ODB, a simplified interface to Fortran for writing netCDF files. Here is another simple 'odb' sample fortran program, with updated instructions on how to compile and link on our local linux machines.
A sample .vimrc to use with vi/vim.
Quick reference guides - download (Shift+left-mouse-click) and print (duplex, if possible)
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