Undergraduate Opportunities

Undergraduate students with a background in science, math, or engineering are encouraged to contact me to explore research opportunities.  I am looking for people with programming skills and with a commitment to do research part-time for at least two academic semesters or full time through the summer.

What happens next?

Not all, of course, but some of my former undergraduate mentees have gone on to successful careers in the sciences one way or another, either by being admitted to a prestigious PhD program, or by working in the private sector in fields adjacent to climate research. Meet a couple of whom I am really proud, and for whom their undergraduate research experience was a springboard to a dream career.

Lucas Vargas-Zeppetello

Lucas majored in Applied Math and met me through Columbia's work study program. He was involved analyzing a Model Intercomparison Project dataset and became a co-author on a publication. He won an NSF scholarship and joined my Alma Mater to earn his PhD in Atmospheric Sciences. He's now a postdoc at Harvard, with support from The James S. McDonnell Foundation.

Charles Blackmon-Luca

Charles majored in Computer Science and came to me through a paid Earth Institute internship.   After graduating, he stayed on at Lamont working on a data science project and is now a Systems Software Engineer at NVIDIA. He was instrumental in making the TRACMIP data publicly accessible and became a co-author on a publication.

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